Page Kit Projects - Make cards from special releases!

Page Kit Projects - Make cards from special releases!

Pam Butler Pam Butler

Does this sound familiar? Club Scrap launches an amazing new special release page kit - but you're into making cards, not pages. This topic has come up several times on the Club Scrap Chat group recently, so I put together this post as a resource to help you do just that: Make cards from page kits. I hope you're inspired by how versatile special release kits really are!

Making Cards from Page Kits

Longtime member and contributor Lisa Dolezal has proven to be a whiz at this sort of thing. Karen Wyngaard, Club Scrap Employee Extraordinaire, is as well. So it's no surprise their names pop up a lot in the list of ideas below.

Most Club Scrap special edition kits are released in page kit format. However, Tricia and her team have also created many card making formulas, making it easy to convert the kits into cards. A few formulas even work with entire kits - just substitute the paper colors and you're off and creating in a heartbeat.

Visit the blog articles listed below for specific details on how each kit was converted. Some posts refer to extinct physical Card Making Idea Decks, but you can always download one or more of the variety of digitized versions available in the shop.

Another idea is to recycle card formulas from past monthly kits. You can find past card kit instructions on the website under Resources>Instructions. Simply substitute the paper colors listed to get creating!

***Please note: Some of the special collections listed below are no longer available. However, you could easily substitute papers from ANY special release/page kit to create fresh card designs.***

Say Cheese Stamped Cards

For this set, Lisa paired the Say Cheese Page Kit and stamps with multiple card formulas, including Deluxe Formula 15, to make a generous serving of 15 "cheesy" cards.

Say Cheese Stamped Cards

Spellbound Cards

I just loved the twelve cards (and two treat bags) Lisa created using the Spellbound kit and Deluxe Card Formula 7. That "Meddle not..." sentiment is my New Favorite Thing, by the way!

Spellbound Cards

High Tide Remix

Karen's High Tide Remix card ideas could easily translate to the new Sea Breeze Remix kit, don't you think? She made a set of 24 cards by repurposing Christmas in July card instructions shared during a virtual event last year. Her blog post walks you through her thought process as she substituted papers and stamps. (The z-fold cards are similar to those made using Deluxe Card Formula #9.)

Casino Royale

During Retreat 2018, Lisa was on a roll creating 22 cards from the Casino Royale special release. She used several formulas from the downloadable second edition of Idea Decks 5 Hearts and Diamonds.

Photo Booth

Lisa transformed another Retreat 2018 special release into ten cards with a storage box by repurposing the Vintage Botany Club Stamp card instructions. Because the instructions were intended to work 8.5x11 papers, she had plenty of leftover paper to make eight BONUS cards!

Love Birds

I'd be shocked if you're not inspired yet, but l'll go ahead and list a few more ideas to convert page kits into cards. How about this post by Karen using the Love Birds Page kit? Card formulas helped her transform the kit into a whopping 29 greeting cards! She used the same Hearts and Diamonds downloadable formulas as Casino Royale (shown above). Each download is available for just $5.95 (member price) and includes a set of 13 card making formulas!

Sunflowers Remix and Ports of Call Remix

Karen turned the Sunflower Remix Page Kit into a folio with ten cards and a lidded box containing twelve mini notecards. Then she did it again using the Ports of Call Remix collection! She combined Deluxe Card Formula 1 and Card Formula 2 to make four great gifts. Disclaimer: Tricia has since created a "new and improved" card formula for a notecard carrier with strap closures to keep the cards from falling out.

Zest for Life Page Kit

Finally we'll wrap up this Very Long Post with one last idea featuring the Zest for Life Page Kit. One Page Kit makes two slider boxes and 16 cards when you follow the video tutorial and instructions. You may even have enough scraps to put together a few extra cards with some creativity and additional card bases.

I hope this compilation of card ideas inspires you. The next time a special release hits the store, just imagine its card making potential!

Say Cheese Page Kit

Say Cheese Page Kit


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Say Cheese Stamps

Say Cheese Stamps


Our premium clear photopolymer stamps are ready to use; no prep required. Stamp sheet measures 6x8" and includes 22 individual images and phrases. Deeply-etched for high quality impressions Clear substrate for easy positioning and accurate stamping Non-yellowing and durable Apply… Read More

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