Create a trio of Ports of Call gifts from the page kit

Create a trio of Ports of Call gifts from the page kit

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

I enjoy a challenge. I also love making greeting cards. Released during the Anniversary cruise, the Navigation Remix and Friendships page kits each have a coordinating card kit. My goal was to create cards from the third special release collection. After some experimenting, I made a trio of Ports of Call gifts using the contents of the page kit and Club Scrap card making formulas.

First, I browsed through my Card Making Idea Decks and downloads. None of those formulas quite fit the bill, so I combed through past Club Stamp blog posts. I found a couple of formulas that created not just cards, but also fun ways to store them. I was inspired to alter those original cutting diagrams to fit 12x12 papers. As a result, two new card making formulas were born!

Pairing the Ports of Call page kit with Deluxe Card Formula #1 and Formula #2 produced one card folio filled with greeting cards, and two lidded boxes that each hold twelve mini notecards.


The card folio opens to reveal two pockets that hold a total of ten A2 greeting cards.

After downloading Deluxe Card Formula #2, use the diagrams to trim Ports of Call papers using the paper assignments below.

  • A = Dark Blue
  • B = Orange
  • C = Boat Print
  • D = Green
  • E = Aqua
  • F = Boat Print
  • G = Palm Tree Print
  • H = Dark Blue

Once all of the trimming is completed, assemble the cards. Add sentiments to each card using cutaparts and/or Ports of Call stamps. Decorate with embellishments from the page kit as desired.

Cards 1-3
Cards 4-6
Cards 7-9
Card 10, front and inside

Next, assemble the folio according to the instructions. Decorate the front cover with the palm tree panel and a trimmed cutapart sentiment.

Trim the remainder of the cutapart sentiment to fit the spine of the folio. Adhere nesting panels to the back cover.


Purchase and download the Deluxe Card Formula #1. Some special release page kits include 16 papers, instead of twelve papers with a separate set of photo mats. Ports of Call is one such collection. Therefore, after creating the folio above, you should have eight sheets of paper left. The boxed notecards formula uses four 12x12s. Performing the trimming steps twice creates two sets of boxed notecards.

Boxed Notecard Set One

Paper Assignments:

  • A = Dark Blue
  • B = Green
  • C = Orange
  • D = Aqua

Each lidded box features a divided tray that holds twelve 3x3" notecards.

Decorate the notecards using cutaparts, stamped sentiments, passport stickers, and other embellishments from the page kit.

Boxed Notecard Set Two

Paper Assignments:

  • A= Aqua
  • B= Palm Tree Print
  • C= Orange
  • D= Green

The new Deluxe Card Formula Bundle can be paired with any of our page kits or special release collections. Imagine making three beautiful gifts from a single kit! You'll always be ready for the holidays or any special occasion that comes your way.

Happy crafting!

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