Stencil Tutorials

Stencil Tutorials

Karen Wyngaard

Club Scrap has been designing stencils since our beginning in 1999 . . . LOOONG before stencils were "trendy". Over the last few years, we've shared tons of different stenciling techniques on our blog.

In the interest of efficiency (and because I love you) I thought I'd compile all that stencil-y goodness in one place. You're welcome!



Each month we produce a completely new and different stencil, and our designers like to challenge themselves to demonstrate their versatility.

A perfect example is the stencil from February 2014. Kay was so inspired by the Big Deal stencil, she needed two blog posts to share her ideas: Part One and Part Two!

big deal

NOTE: While many of these stencils are long since extinct, please note the techniques can be applied to just about any of our stencils or masks.

Our sturdy mylar stencils and masks work well with all kinds of art mediums: inks, acrylic paints, tinted sprays, watercolors, etc. Different mediums can produce very different results. Kay demonstrates that perfectly using the December 2014 Reunion stencil paired with pan pastels versus colored sprays.

reunion stencil

In this article, Kay shares two unique ways to work with "geometric" stencils. I love how she created a grid background using the different designs for this scrapbook page.


Julie is great at coming up with unique ways to use stencils, too. Here she uses two complementary ink colors to create stencil "shadows".

stencil shadow

And in this article, she uses stencil shapes as "frames" for her mini works of art. So clever!


Once you get the hang of using stencils with different mediums, why stop at just one stencil or one technique? Julie shows us how to double the fun by layering a pair of stencils to create new designs.


Tricia created a beautiful background for this scrapbook page by layering stamps and stencils with inking techniques.


Building on the idea even further, Tricia layered different pattern stencils, masks AND different mediums to create this stunning background!


We all loved to doodle as kids, right? Why not apply your doodling skills to stencils? See how Jac's "playing around" at an Expo created a whole new technique: Neon Lights!


Meanwhile, Julie perfected her own version of stencil doodling.


Julie revisited one of Tricia's technique videos to remind us of the great results you can get partnering stencils with acrylic paints.


Why not combine stencils with stamping? Kay shared her Autumn Harvest stamp and stencil artwork a while ago, and even though this stencil and stamp are long gone, this technique can be used with just about any stamp/stencil combo.


Gelatos work beautifully with most stencils and masks. Tricia blended Gelatos and the Oopsie Daisy Masking Stencil to create a stunning layout of her daughter.


Kay used Gelatos as well, but in a different color palette with the Hydrangeas Masking Stencil for a completely different look. Watercolor crayons or pencils would give similar results.


Ready to try stenciling with a real twist? You'll love these unique stencil projects. Kay fashioned a sweet luminary by creatively using a shape stencil.


I had a lot of fun thinking "outside the box" when I created my Lighted Wish Frame.


Stencils don't always have to be used exactly how they were intended. Tricia turns a "picnic basket" into a border strip. See her post for info.


And finally, how about adding a bit of stenciling to your wardrobe? Check out Tricia's quickie tutorial for creating a one-of-a-kind T-shirt!


In addition to numerous blog tutorials, we've done some awesome stencil videos, too!

And if that wasn't enough inspiration, just over 2 years ago I wrote a blog post with even more video tutorials featuring stencil/mask techniques. Be sure to "stencil" in some time on your calendar to give these techniques a try!

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