Make a Wanderer Triple Panel Book your travel companion.

Make a Wanderer Triple Panel Book your travel companion.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Make a beautiful and useful handmade Triple Panel Book featuring the Wanderer Page Kit.

Recently, I was asked by a friend to make a book to showcase travel memories. The Wanderer collection was perfect. 

Wanderer Triple Panel Book

To get started, gather a Wanderer Page Kit and the Triple Panel Book Components in Black. Next, purchase and download the Triple Panel Book instructions.

To replicate my project, utilize the following paper substitutions:

Paper A = Kraft
Paper B = Lt. Blue
Paper C = Orange
Paper D = Dk. Blue
Paper E/F = (2) Mountain Prints

(The remaining papers are trimmed to decorate the book covers and booklet insert.)

Nest the "feet wander" barrel tag onto two larger-sized tags. Thread the opening with Dk. Blue ribbon, wrap the ends around the back of a 5.25x8.75" Trees Print panel, secure with tape. Adhere the panel to the front cover of the book. Carefully remove the ring from the compass charm with pliers and adhere to the tab closure with Bookbinding Glue.

Trim the Trees Print to 6.25x8.75". Mark the location of the round magnetic closure on the plain side. Create a round opening with a small circle punch, allowing the magnetic closure to function properly. Mat the cutapart tag with Kraft. Cut a slit near the top; thread Lt. Blue Ribbon through opening. Wrap the ends around the back and secure to the plain side with tape. Center the panel onto the right side cover of the book. Tie a compass charm with Waxed Cord and attach to the center of the square with BBG.

The left side panel features two tri-fold pages. Measure each section of the trifold, cut scrap panels 1/4" smaller, and nest onto each section. Center a Cutapart sentiment and printed scrap to the two outside flaps. Trim two 2.25" squares from a printed scrap; top with wood word frames.

The center panel features waterfall panels to house up to 20 photos.

The back sides of the waterfall pages are a blank canvas - in lieu of photos, add printed cutaparts or other embellishments as desired.

The right side panel features a pocket with a tab closure that serves as home for a six page accordion-folded booklet.

Open the hook and loop tab to remove the booklet.

Decorate the first page of the accordion as a "cover" for the booklet. 

Add a barrel tag threaded with Lt. Blue ribbon, a sentiment cutapart mat with Dk. Blue, and a compass charm tied with Waxed Cord.

Inside, decorate both sides of each of the six accordion panels by adding photo mats, barrel tags, printed cutaparts and other items from the page kit. Don't forget to add journaling boxes to document the "who, what, where, and when" of your travels.

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my Wanderer Triple Panel Book. May these ideas serve as inspiration as you complete an album of your own!

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Wanderer Page Kit


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