Make a sweet Chocolate Accordion Hinge Book for gifting.

Make a sweet Chocolate Accordion Hinge Book for gifting.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Create a beautiful 5x7" handmade book featuring artwork from Club Scrap's Chocolate collection.

Chocolate Accordion Hinge Album

The Accordion Hinge Album is the perfect base for showcasing sweet memories. The finished book measures 5×7″ making it ideal for 4×6″ photos from a special event or occasion. Customize the book to the recipient by selecting a Club Scrap Page Kit that reflects their personality or interests.

To recreate Tricia's version, gather a Chocolate Page kit, 12x12 Black Mat Board, and the Accordion Hinge Book instructions. The 5x7" album features a clever and unique spine structure. (A few additional materials and tools will be required.)

Here's a full list of supplies needed to complete the project:

CS® Page Kit of your choice
Accordion Hinge Album Instructions
12x12 Black Mat Board
CS® Bookbinding Glue

Needle-tipped Applicator
12” Paper Trimmer
3x14" Grid Ruler
Accordion Pocket File
Bone Folder
ScorPalScorPal 1/8s (or other scoring tool)
12” Paper Trimmer
3x14" Grid Ruler
Bone Folder
Adhesive and Tape
Craft Knife and Cutting Mat
Scissors and Pencil

To replicate Tricia's Chocolate version, pair the papers below with the numbered steps in the instructions document:

1 - (2) Green, (1) Yellow
2 - (1) Yellow, (2) Blue, (2) Orange, (1) Floral Print
3 - (1) Floral Print
4 - (2) Mushroom Print

The most intriguing thing about this book is the way the spine works. Not only is it beautiful to look at, the unique construction is quite functional. The inside pages can also be removed, if desired.

If making the pages removable isn’t important to you, you can have fun adding mats and/or Cutaparts to the interior spine flaps for added interest.

This book has space for SO MANY PHOTOS! The spine allows for quite a bit of expansion, so you can really load it up with embellishments, too. You'll be ready for holiday gift giving in no time!

Each page perfectly accommodates matted vertical 4x6" photos. If you start to run low on mats, pick up a Chocolate Pack of Panels to supplement those in the Page Kit.

The unique accordion hinge spine design means there's plenty of room for expansion. Don't be afraid to load up the pages page with photos and embellishments.

Trim Cutaparts to fit the height or width of the inner pages.

I just love how this project comes together! Utilize an entire Club Scrap page kit to make a unique handmade book with very little waste. Check out Tricia’s video (included with download) to see additional samples made using even more Club Scrap kits.

What special event will YOU scrap in your Accordion Hinge Album?

Prefer to leave out any guesswork? The Accordion Hinge Album Class Along Kit featuring the Riverbend collection is still available in very limited quantities.

Stay tuned for even more inspiration as we celebrate "12 Days of Holiday Gift Ideas" on the blog this month.

Happy holidays!

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