Collapsible Spray Tray - Another fun Pizza Box project!

Collapsible Spray Tray - Another fun Pizza Box project!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create a fun (and FUNctional) spray tray from a Club Scrap pizza box!

Spray Tray Collapsible pizza box project

This clever tool will keep those messy mixed media sprays from decorating your room as you create artwork. The best part is, members receive a new pizza box every month.

I'll bet you have one or two lying around the house somewhere?

Spray Tray Supplies

To complete this project, gather two empty pizza boxes, a roll of kraft-colored duct tape (or clear packing tape), and hook and loop dots.

Spray Tray Assembly

Remove the lid and bottom from one pizza box with a utility knife and large cutting mat. Cut each piece to 12-1/4x12-1/2".

Trim each piece at an angle as shown in the image below.

Cut a 12" length of kraft duct tape.

Adhere the tape to the 12-1/2" side each angled panel to create a "hinge".

Adhere the angled panel along each side wall of the second empty (open) pizza box. Press the tape firmly to the bottom of the box to secure.

Fold each angled panel to lay flat inside the base of the pizza box.

Make any adjustments to the height of the angled panels as needed. I had to trim a little piece off the top of one angled piece so that it would nest properly "inside" the first when folded.

Gather four sets of hook and loop dots.

Adhere one set to the top and bottom of each angled flap ensuring they face towards the outside of the box.

Remove the adhesive backing from the other side of the set and press against the pizza box lid.

Carefully pull apart the hook and loop closures to fold down the angled flaps when the spray tray is not in use.

Decorate the cover of the box with sprays, stencils and stamps as desired.

Now it's time to get spraying! Visit the blog posts below for more creative and clever ways to utilize your Club Scrap pizza boxes.

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