Stipple Mists Watercolor - Create beautiful backgrounds.

Stipple Mists Watercolor - Create beautiful backgrounds.

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

Create loads of lovely panels with the Stipple Mists Watercolor Technique. Gather an assortment of your favorite ink sprays and let's get messy!

Stipple Mists Watercolor Cards

Lisa wanted to mimic the look of watercolor backgrounds she saw artists created using Distress inks and sprays - but she didn't want to have to invest in a bunch of costly new supplies. Instead, she "shopped" in her existing stash and rediscovered her Club Scrap Stipple Mists. After a bit of experimenting, she was ecstatic with the results. Follow the steps below to try it out for yourself.

Stipple Mists Watercolor Technique

Use low-tack tape to attach a watercolor paper panel your work surface. (This helps prevent the paper from warping when wet.)

Use a clean brush to apply a generous amount of water to the surface of the panel. Pro tip: The more water applied, the more the colors will move around the panel.

Remove the spray nozzle from the Stipple Mists. Use the end of the sprayer to drop color onto to a glass mat or other non-stick surface.

Dip a small wet paintbrush into the pool of color and touch it to the wet panel. Watch as the colors wick out and spread around the panel, creating lovely variations and hues!

Set the panel aside to dry. Why not make even more background panels while you wait? Or, if you're in a hurry, you can heat set to speed up drying time.

Now that you have the watercolor method down, why not add a fun twist to this technique? Read on to learn more.

Emboss Resist Bonus Technique

Place your favorite stencil over a blank watercolor panel. (Lisa selected the Steamworks stencil from 02.18.) Apply white pigment or watermark ink through the open areas of the stencil. Remove the stencil and dust the wet ink with white embossing powder. Heat set. Coat the panel with water and apply Stipple Mists over the embossed areas using the steps you learned above. Allow the panel to air dry naturally.

Are you ready to see some finished card samples?

Lisa - Petals Watercolor Cards

(Hello, Sunshine stamped sentiment)

(Petals stamped sentiment, Pressed Flower Washi Tape)

Julie - Hot Summer Watercolor Card

(Hot Summer stamps)

Lisa - Steamworks Stencil Embossed Resist Card

(Steamworks stencil)

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Happy watercoloring!

Lisa and Julie

Stipple Mists - 4-pack

Stipple Mists - 4-pack


Set of four 2-ounce spray mists: Indigo, Cherry, Leaf Green, Sunflower … Read More

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