Your Lucky Special Release: Plaid About You Page Kit

Your Lucky Special Release: Plaid About You Page Kit

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Infuse your pages with warmth and nostalgia with our newest special release kit: Plaid About You. Whether you're preserving memories of outdoor adventures, a trip to Ireland, St. Patrick's Day celebrations, or everyday moments, our Plaid About You kit provides endless possibilities.

Members: This is a special release collection and will not ship automatically. If you'd like, you can choose "ship with my next kit" at checkout, and we'll be sure to include it in your next box.

Plaid About You Page Kit

Here's a quick visual tour of what you'll find in the collection.

Scroll down to take a closer look at the eight pages you'll make when you follow the printable instructions included with purchase. In addition, I'll guide you through the assembly process. A link to my video workshop is provided in the instructions document.

Layouts 1 & 2

We couldn't believe our LUCK when we found these adorable plaid fabric-wrapped buttons in the shape of a heart! Knowing they'd be included in the kit, the shape inspired Jacqueline to design a perfect home for one on this journaling prompt on the cutaparts.

Layouts 3 & 4

For an eye-catching page accent, loop a piece of the lt. green ribbon around each end of the bronze double infinity charm and wrap the ends around to the back of the cutapart. Tape to secure the ribbon, and you're golden!

Layouts 5 & 6

Those burgundy mini tassels bring an Irish kilt to mind, for some reason. Either way, they make a darling addition to the set of three circles from the cutapart sheet. If you happen to have a thin metal circle die measuring 2", have it on hand!

Layouts 7 & 8

Here I go again . . . I've been having a little fun with my stash of embossing powders lately. This time, I "hunted down" my hunter green powder and heat embossed the four leave clover wood cut! There is a set of three included in the kit, and I green-i-fied all three of them.

If Plaid About You isn't your favorite jig, no problem. This is a special release and it won't be delivered unless requested.

Members, place your orders now, and when you choose "ship with my next kit", we'll add this gorgeous collection to your next monthly box!


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