How to transform the Oopsie Daisy Remix kit into 18 cards.

How to transform the Oopsie Daisy Remix kit into 18 cards.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Learn how to make 18 cards featuring the Oopsie Daisy Remix kit! With Club Scrap's card making formulas, it's easy to transform any Page or special release kit into greeting cards. Are you ready to learn more?

Oopsie Daisy Remix Cards

Choosing a Formula

The first (and usually the most difficult) step is choosing from among the many card formulas Club Scrap has to offer. When selecting a formula, I base my decision on a number of factors, including the number of papers required, finished card styles, etc.

In addition to the many card formulas available for purchase, Card Kit members receive a new formula as part of their virtual online workshop. These monthly card kit formulas can easily be recycled as well. Simply pair them with special release page kits or supplies you already have on hand.

After a bit of research, I chose the Riverbend Card Kit instructions. The instructions feature three different card styles that paired well with the Oopsie Daisy Remix Cutaparts.

Card Formula Prep

Club Scrap's monthly page kits include twelve sheets of paper. Since the Oopsie Daisy Remix is a special release, it includes a total of 16: We include four extra sheets to trim into photo mats and other nesting panels.

To recreate my Oopsie Daisy Remix cards, utilize the following paper substitutions for each step in the Riverbend Card Kit instructions document:

1 - Brown, Orange, Lt. Green, Dk. Yellow
2 - Brown, Orange, Lt. Green, Dk. Yellow
3 - Dk. Green
4 - Medium Green
5 - Collage Print
6 - Collage Print

After cutting and sorting the papers, trim the Cutaparts and pair them with the card styles that fit them best. Follow the photos provided in the instructions as inspiration for dry-fitting and assembly. Once you run out of Cutapart sentiments, add stamping to complete each greeting.

Are you ready for a closer look at the finished cards?

Riverbend Card Formula with Oopsie Daisy Remix

Set A: (4) 4-1/4x5-1/2” Gate Fold Cards

This horizontal gate fold card design worked well with the size and orientation of many of the Oopsie Daisy cutapart sentiments. Trim each as needed to fit the card panels.

Adhere a Laser Cut Daisy to the right side of the front panel. Accent the cutapart with a gold Flower Dazzle.

Thread a length of ribbon through each side of the white ribbon slide; wrap the cut ends around the back side and secure with tape. Add a trio of Flower Dazzles.

Trim the cutapart sentiment to the desired size. Staple a bit of Yellow ribbon to the top before adhering to the front panel.

When you run short of pre-printed Cutaparts, add stamped sentiments to complete the remaining cards. A fussy-cut bee and Flower Dazzle completes the card.

Set B - (4) 4-1/2x6-1/4” Z-fold Cards

After assembling the trimmed card elements, trim cutaparts to fit the 3x3.25 panels. Cut the border strip cutapart to 5.75" and adhere to the left side of two front panels.

Wrap brown jute around the bottom of a printed panel. Top with a Laser Cut Daisy. Crop a cutapart to fit the inside panel.

Stamp sentiments on the printed nesting panels to complete the two remaining cards. Accent with a Daisy Gem.

Set C - (4) 5x7 Shutter Cards with Belly Band

Select stamps that fit the long, narrow panel on the belly band of each card.

Accent each band with Flower Dazzles.

Select an image or greeting that fits the Shutter Card opening.

Add embellishments to each card as desired.

(6) Bonus Cards

The Riverbend Card formula requires twelve 12x12 papers to make twelve cards. I wanted to utilize all of the paper included the Oopsie Daisy Remix, so I repeated select cuts to create six additional cards from those four extra papers.

To make the most of the remaining paper, I altered two of the cutting diagrams slightly. You should have two Border Prints and one each of the Lt. Yellow and Dk. Yellow left over. Follow the sketch and cutting instructions below to create six additional cards.

Cut each Border Print at 10.25 and 6.25".

Trim the 6.25x12 at 9".

Cut the 3x6.25 at 3.25". 

Trim the 4x12 at 9.5, 7, 4.5, and 2".

Score each 6.25x9 at 3". Flip the paper from top to bottom and score at 6".

Cut each Plain at 11.5, 8.5, and 4.25".

Trim each 4.25x12 at 11.

Cut the 3x12 at 8.75, 5.5, and 2.75.

Score each 4.25x11 at 2.75 and 8.25".

(4) 4-1/4x5-1/2” Gate Fold Cards

Fold each 4.25x11 along the score lines. Add the 2.5x4" panels to each side of the gate fold.

Create a nesting panel from a Brown scrap for the cutapart image (caterpillar image and floral background topped with a fussy cut daisy). Adhere to the left side of the gate fold. Stamp "happy birthday" directly onto the right printed panel. Accent with a Flower Dazzle.

Add a coordinating sentiment inside the card.

For the other two cards, add a stamped sentiment to a 2.75x3 Print. Nest the stamped panel onto a 3x3.25 Plain; adhere to the left side of the gate.

Add a sentiment inside.

(2) 4-1/2x6-1/4” Z-fold Cards

Fold each 6.25x9 card base along the score lines, remembering to bury the bump of the score line into the fold. Add a stamped sentiment to a 2.75x3 Printed panel or cutapart scrap; nest onto a 3x3.25 Plain panel. Adhere to the front of the card, referencing the assembly tips on page 5 of the Riverbend Card Kit instructions. Accent the front panel of each card with a border strip trimmed at 6".

Stamp a sentiment onto a 2.75x3 Plain panel; add to the inside of the card. Embellish as desired.

What do you think? You, too, can make a big batch of cheerful cards with any page kit and Club Scrap card formulas. Visit the Club Scrap Chat group on Facebook to share your results!

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