Whimsy Photo Twistabout - Let's take a closer look.

Whimsy Photo Twistabout - Let's take a closer look.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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The Photo Twistabout project is an excellent way to preserve and display memories from a vacation or other special event.

The project consists of a 5.25x6" spinning storage box, which serves as clever storage for four 4.25x5.5" mini albums. It also includes a sliding tray to store extra photos or another mini book.

Whimsy Photo Twistabout - Details

Whimsy Photo Twistabout

To build this project, gather a Whimsy Page Kit and the Photo Twistabout Components kit. The project instructions and a video tutorial link are included with your purchase.

To replicate Tricia's finished book, use the following paper assignments:

Paper A = Pink
Paper B = Blue
Paper C = Orange
Paper D = Green
Paper E = Quad Print
Paper F = Black Print

Leftover papers can be trimmed for use as mats and other decorative elements throughout the album.

Whimsy Twistabout - A Photo Gallery

The spinning box is home to four mini books. Each book features a unique binding and a mix of trifold and single fold inside pages. Scroll to see how each of the four book covers are decorated.

Pair leftover paper strips with a tag or charm to create a simple, yet fun, look.

Trim Cutaparts sentiments and embellish with a flower appliqué.

Need a little inspiration for decorating the inside pages? Scroll below for a peek at a number of inside page combos.

Trim leftover papers into photo mats. Add other embellishments like tags and ribbons.

Trim the Cutaparts as needed to customize the fit.

Don't be afraid to vary the mat sizes, too.

And there you have it - another amazing Page Kit Project! I hope this tour of Tricia's finished Photo Twistabout inspires you to create one for yourself, or as a gift for a special someone. Since the project can be made from any CS® page kit, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Happy crafting!

Whimsy Page Kit

Whimsy Page Kit

$16.95 $32.95

Kit includes all of the supplies needed to complete eight fully-embellished 12x12 pages. Just add a trimmer, scissors and adhesive. Includes: (4) 12x12 Prints: 2 ea. Black Print, Quad Print (4) 12x12 Orange/Pink Duplex Plains (4) 12x12 Green/Blue Duplex Plains… Read More

Photo Twistabout Components Kit

Photo Twistabout Components Kit


Pair these components with any Club Scrap Page Kit to make a beautiful Photo Twistabout! You'll build a 5.25x6" spinning storage box with a handy drawer. The box serves as clever storage for four 4.25x5.5" mini albums. (A few additional… Read More

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