Sunflowers Canvas

Sunflowers Canvas

Kay Williamson

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Create a beautiful 8x10" canvas with the overlay stencil included in the Sunflowers Lite collection!

IMG_8876 copy


1. Stamp an 8x10" sheet of paper with the large collage image from the Jumbo UM stamp sheet and adhere to the canvas. Later, when wiping away some black paint, the stamped images will create a subtle background.

    IMG_8765 copy

    2. Stencil several sunflowers onto the canvas with modeling paste. Allow the paste to dry and apply four additional layers to build dimension. (Paste must be dry between each layer.)

    IMG_8766 copy

    IMG_8767 copy

    3. Build additional layers of paste within the center area of the sunflower, as desired.



    4. Apply a coat of black acrylic paint to the canvas with a foam brush. Rub some of the paint away with a paper towel or rag.

    IMG_8866 copy

    5. Paint the raised sunflower areas with yellow acrylic. (No need to be an "artist". Simply follow the stenciled shape.)

    IMG_8867 copy

    IMG_8868 copy

    IMG_8869 copy

    6. Freehand painted leaves onto the sunflowers.

    IMG_8870 copy

    7. Stencil the center of the sunflower with brown acrylic paint.

    IMG_8871 copy

    8. Outline the center with additional brown paint.

    IMG_8872 copy

    9. Outline the flower petals with a white gel pen.

    IMG_8873 copy

    10. Freehand more accents onto the petals, leaves, and center with the gel pen.

    IMG_8877 copy

    11. Wrap a ribbon around the bottom of the canvas and staple to the back.

    IMG_8875 copy

    12. Stamp a sentiment onto a miniature chalkboard sign with White Pigment ink.

    IMG_8874 copy

    IMG_8880 copy

    13. Place the canvas on an easel and present to a friend who's crazy about sunflowers. (I just happen to have one!)

    IMG_8881 copy

    Don't forget to pick up your Sunflowers stencil today. If you are a Lite member, it was included in your kit!

    Live life in full bloom!


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