A trio of hand-stitched books to spark your creativity.

A trio of hand-stitched books to spark your creativity.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Tricia recently taught a virtual workshop featuring the 6x8" Stitched Book project. The finished size is 6x8" and is designed to easily hold vertical 4x6" photos. The book features a beautiful exposed stitched spine.

6x8" Stitched Book

The beauty of this project is it can be made using any Club Scrap page kit of your choice, along with mat board and a few other supplies. For a limited time, you can purchase the project workshop bundle, while supplies last. Visit Tricia's blog post for a full list of tools and supplies needed to complete the project.

To begin, download and follow the instructions to build the book structure using twelve papers from the kit. Next, enjoy decorating the inner pages by adapting the page kit cutaparts and embellishments. The final step is to load it with photos and journaling!

While developing her virtual workshop, Tricia usually makes one or more project samples or prototypes. Her finished books are so beautiful, they warrant a much closer look.


This Regatta version perfectly captures everything summer should be!

Have fun decorating the inner pages and spacers with cutaparts and embellishments from the page kit.

Create an interactive shaker element using the Nautical Die Cuts, foam adhesive and seed beads.


Customize your 6x8" Stitched Book using your choice of page kit to fit any reason or season. This Geodes version has an elegant feel.

When the 6x8" book is open, even the cutapart title strips can be adapted to embellish the inside pages.

Geodes 6x8" Stitched Book


Visit my blog post to read more about the Sprouts 6x8" garden journal I made earlier this month.

Are you inspired yet? The 6x8" Stitched Book may look complicated, but it's really quite doable with Tricia's guidance.

What a wonderful way to document a special trip, occasion or milestone! Which kit would you use?

Happy crafting!

6x8" Stitched Book Online Class



THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT SENT VIA EMAIL Learn to make a 6x8" Stitched Book from any CS Page Kit. The finished size is 6x8" and is designed to easily hold vertical 4x6" photos. The book features a beautiful exposed… Read More

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