Prism Spoiler - Bright, bold and beautiful!

Prism Spoiler - Bright, bold and beautiful!

Tricia Morris

The Prism spoiler is finally here, and I hope you're ready for something bright and beautiful. The 2020 year of collections has been one of my all time favorites, and the love continues with our latest addition.

Deb is working hard making stacks and stacks of assembled page and card kits, and they start leaving the warehouse on Wednesday. For those of you with a 15th-of-the-month shipping date, enjoy the extended preview of all the beautiful things you can make!

Prism Spoiler - Page Kit

It was so much fun sourcing goodies for this collection. We located the ultimate prismatic roll of washi tape, which adds a classy flair to each double page spread. Follow along in the video tutorial while we create eight 12x12" pages together, step by step. (Those of you flying solo or doing your own thing, have at it!) If you haven't taken the member plunge, this is a great month to do so. The entire kit including the papers, ribbons, embellishments and pre-cut photo mats is just $21.95.

Prism Spoiler - Card Kit

This month's card kit rocks! All three card structures are incredibly easy to assemble, but if you have doubts, be sure to follow along with the assembly video. And with so many cool (yet flat) embellishments to choose from, your cards are really going to shine. If you're subscribed to the page kit but want to add the card kit to your shipment, we're happy to oblige! Just $21.95 gets you the papers, envelopes, ribbons, embellishments, instruction download, and video tutorial.

Prism Spoiler - Stamps

I love the versatility of the sentiments in this set. We kept some of the phrases separate so they can be combined at will. "SHINE" and "SPARKLE" pair with "bright like a diamond," "time to," "is my favorite color," and "you were born to." Isn't that clever?

You can receive this stamp set two ways. Subscribe to the stamp add-on for just $15.75 by calling or emailing. Or, place a regular order for the stamps via the shopping cart after the 1st of the month for $17.50 (member pricing).

BONUS - Prism Abstract Stencil

We don't do this often, but we just couldn't resist. Jacqueline designed a super-special 8x8" stencil add-on for this collection. Enjoy creating unique backgrounds using various art mediums and this Prism Abstract Stencil. Add it to your shipment for just $6.95 (member price). Place your pre-order no later than noon Central on 6/29/20 and no "with kit" shipping fee will be applied. After July 1, the stencil will be available in the shopping cart while supplies last.

I did not use the stencil in the completion of the page or card kits since it was not included automatically in the collection. However, I enjoyed playing while making this month's card samples! Check out this card created with our Stipple Mists and a simple stamped image.

Or, simply apply ink to the stencil with an ink applicator brush.

If you have questions about how to customize your shipment to your liking, please do not hesitate to reach out. Email or call 888-634-9100 to talk to a human. We're happy to help!

It's your day to shine bright. Have a splendid July, and keep watching the blog for inspiration!


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