Piano Hinge Book Instructions and Video

Piano Hinge Book Instructions and Video

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Occasionally, it's fun to include a handmade album project in our collections. The Lakes Lite kit features a ten-page Piano Hinge Album. It will take less than thirty minutes to complete this easy mini book—no trimming, scoring or measuring required!


You'll need your project package containing the prepared pages and bamboo skewers (or one of the three beautiful variations), CS Bookbinding Glue, and a serrated scissors (optional). The cover of the book can be decorated with one of the pre-designed White cutaparts included the kit. Enjoy the VIDEO workshop!

Here's a summary of the steps:

1. Prepare each die cut page by folding in half on the center scoreline. Keep the "bump" of the score on the inside of the fold. Reverse the center fold of the wide die cut tabs to create a set of narrow hinges.

2. Arrange the prepared pages in the desired order.

3. Reverse the direction of every other page.

4. Place the first two pages flat on your work surface with the hinged edges aligned. Thread the pointed end of a bamboo skewer through the narrow tabs to connect the pages.

5. Skewer the remaining pairs of pages.

6. Stack the pages together and weave fiber (included in the Lakes Lite kit) or waxed linen (included in the variation kits) around the skewers to connect the pages.

7. After weaving several times, tie the thread tails together to secure. Do not over-tighten the thread; allow the skewers to space out naturally before tying the knots.

8. Dab Bookbinding Glue onto the front and back side of the woven fiber or thread and set aside to dry completely.

9. Remove the pointed tip of each bamboo skewer with a serrated scissors.

10. Decorate the book cover and load the inside pages with photos and embellishments.

    Take a look at the beautiful variations of this project available in three gorgeous color combinations:

    Fun in the Sun

    IMG_5731 IMG_5732


    IMG_5729 IMG_5730


    IMG_5726 Happy Hinging!



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