Peerless watercolors and Gossamer stamps are a perfect pair!

Peerless watercolors and Gossamer stamps are a perfect pair!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create even more gorgeous artwork when you pair the Gossamer stamps with the Peerless Watercolors included in the December kits.

Read on the learn more about how each card was created.

Watercolored Cards

Card 1

Peerless Watercolors Gossamer Stamps Cards

Place a white mineral paper (multi-media paper) panel onto your work surface and secure with masking tape. Dip a paint brush in water and pick up color from the Peerless watercolor sheet. Paint stripes of color across the panels, beginning with the lightest color (in this case, Brilliant Yellow).

Remove the masking tape and allow the panel to dry.

Stamp the large dragonfly image onto the watercolored panel with India Ink.

Complete the card with a stamped sentiment.

Card 2

Place a white mineral paper panel onto a Club Scrap cutting mat. Mask off four equal sections on the panel with narrow washi tape. (The measuring grid on the mat helps with alignment.)

Paint each quadrant with Peerless watercolors in Cobalt Blue, Mixed Berry, and Brilliant Yellow. (The fourth block is a blend of the blue and berry colors.)

Place the panel into a stamping platform. Stamp the individual images with India Ink.

Position the "glow" stamp over the firefly image on the panel. Pick up the stamp with the lid. Add a bit of water to the surface of the stamp with a paintbrush, then close the lid to transfer the water to the panel.

Remove excess water from the panel with a dry paper towel. This "lifts" some of the color from the panel, creating a "glow" effect.

This technique can be used on other images on the panel as well. Use a wet paintbrush to carefully remove color from the wings of the firefly and dragonfly. Repeat to create a "glow" for each small firefly and to add highlights to the jar.

I really love how easy it was to remove color from the mineral paper.

Card 3

Stamp the jar, dragonfly, small fireflies and sentiment onto a white panel with India Ink. Use a wet paint brush to pick up blue from the watercolor sheet. Apply directly to the panel to color the jar image. Add yellow to each small firefly to create a "glow". (Be sure to clean the brush between color applications.)

Card 4

Apply Cobalt Blue and Mixed Berry watercolor direction onto the large dragonfly image with a wet brush.

Stamp the image onto a white panel.

Repeat the process to create a background.

Create small pools of blue and berry paints on a paint palette or other non-porous surface. Dip a splatter brush into the paint and tap over the panel to add flecks of color.

Stamp the sentiment with Amethyst Ink.

Stamp the large glow image around the perimeter of the sentiment panel with White Pigment Ink. Dust the still-wet ink with Perfect Pearls. Buff the paper to remove any excess.

Create loops of purple twine. Add Foam Adhesive Circles to the back side of the sentiment and position over the loops to secure.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my cards! I hope you'll try pairing the Gossamer stamps with the watercolors included in the kit to create gorgeous artwork of your own.

Happy stamping!

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