Pacific Northwest Collection - September 2020

Pacific Northwest Collection - September 2020

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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Perhaps you've seen a few glimpses of the Pacific Northwest kit in production with our amazing, yet small staff hard at work. (If not, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Instagram!)

While you wait for your kit to arrive, click to check out Deb's impressive paper collating skills. She's the fastest in the Midwest (and probably beyond!)

A Note from Tricia

A member came into the lobby to pick up her kit and asked if I had a lot of extra free time with all of the canceled expos. While we're not packing our bags every weekend, we're busier than ever with countless "virtual" events! We've been creating some great content and sharing cool projects during online opportunities all year long.

If you haven't seen our most recent presentation featuring the Accordion Hinge Book project, be sure to check it out! While we've designed a project like this before, we've updated the instructions to help turn any Club Scrap Page Kit into a fantastic book.

Three additional expos were officially canceled: Denver, Novi, and Sacramento. Be on the lookout for more great virtual learning opportunities in lieu of these shows!

What's Ahead?

We received several theme requests from members for agates and geodes. The mesmerizing, sparkling inner beauty of these rocks is perfect for October's Geodes collection. We're all looking for the silver lining in the challenges of 2020, so let's focus on opportunities to make the best of it all! Stamp samples, ribbons, and goodies are already arriving at the warehouse. The kit is going to be stunning!

Inks and Fonts

We combined two fonts to create the cutaparts, stamps and sentiments for the Pacific Northwest kit: Nightcall Upright and Northwest. Procure these fonts if you want to make coordinating text for your own project.

Locate the following CS® inks to stencil and stamp artwork to match this month's paper collection: Earth, Spruce, Ocean, Leaf and Moss.

Pacific Northwest Page Kit

The neutral color palette is going to be ideal for any outdoor photos. I can't wait to see the finished pages. Many of you have already made plans for the layouts. Be sure to post your finished work on our private Club Scrap Chat group on Facebook!

It's not too late to subscribe to receive this collection for just $21.95. We'd love to welcome you as a member when you're ready to start the adventure!

Pacific Northwest Card Kit

The Pacific Northwest Card Kit includes twelve 12x12 papers and two 12x12 cutaparts. If you follow along with me in the video tutorial, you'll transform the papers into a dozen beautiful cards! My favorite structure in this set is the angled tri-fold card.

After trimming four 8x12" sheets, we'll divide the paper into two angled sections. One section is scored twice to form the tri-fold, and the other section is trimmed to create three nesting panels. It was worth every bit of brain power to come up with that formula. The results are fabulous!

Pacific Northwest Stamps

Whenever I initially experiment with the stamps, I try to keep it pretty simple. Later this month I'll share more details about the cards I've already made. You'll be happy to know you probably already own most of the supplies required to create them for yourself. Remember, if you subscribe to the stamp option, you'll always receive them with your kit at the lowest price of $15.75.

Pacific Northwest Hybrid

In addition to the wonderful "physical" collections we produce, you can also subscribe to our hybrid kit. The download conveniently arrives on the first of the month . . . no shipping required! Check out the sweet card Julie created with this beautiful collection.

Check the blog often throughout the month for a continual supply of inspiration featuring the Pacific Northwest kit.

Have a wonderful day!


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