National Parks Lite Layouts

National Parks Lite Layouts

Tricia Morris

I thoroughly enjoy the therapeutic process of creating the layouts for each collection. My favorite spot to work is the corner in my office set up with two 8-footers where I can spread out and think.
0615thinking Deep in thought . . .
I begin by arranging the 12x12 base papers and matching them with prints or plains. Next, I distribute the photo mattes and cutaparts. When I begin making cuts, I grab my graph paper to make all of the trimming sketches for the instructions and away I go!
Raw sketches in my graph paper notebook. Raw sketches in my graph paper notebook.

The National Parks Lite pages were all "framed up" on a Friday afternoon and finished in a snap on Monday morning. (My least favorite task is sticking everything down, so if anyone is interested in that job . . .)

LAYOUTS 1 & 20615LT01_02 I like how the outlined text bursts out of the artwork on the 12x12 Ivory Print. It's such a cool element that can be used as a full print or to anchor the page. IMG_9830 LAYOUTS 3 & 40615LT03_04 And how about that Happy Camper Stencil? It's just the sweetest thing ever! I used it on the lower right of this spread with a CS Ink Applicator and Mahogany ink. IMG_9834 LAYOUTS 5 & 60615LT05_06 The Brown Plaid Ribbon reminds me of the tablecloth my mom used to cover the picnic table at our campsite on Lake Michigan. IMG_9841 LAYOUTS 7 & 80615LT07_08 When adding photos to a page like this, I'm always willing to place photos over the printed cutaparts if I have tons on hand. But it's nice to have the elements in place for occasions where I only have a handful of pictures. IMG_9845 When I finished creating the pages, this is what was left. Waste not, want not!
A few small scraps. A few small scraps.
It's not too late to pick up the National Parks Lite kit for yourself. Join us today! Tricia

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