Mediterranean Podium Book - A visual tour.

Mediterranean Podium Book - A visual tour.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

The Podium Book project is an excellent way to preserve and display memories from a vacation or other special event. This clever handmade book features a built-in easel, and it's designed to be made using any Club Scrap Page Kit when you purchase the project components.

Mediterranean Podium Book - Details

Mediterranean Podium Book

To replicate Tricia's album, gather a Mediterranean Page Kit and the Podium Book Components. The project instructions and a video tutorial link are included with your purchase. Use the following paper assignments:

(2) Paper A = Dark Yellow
(2) Paper B = Blue
Paper C & D = (2) Tile Print
Paper E & F = (2) Lemon Print

Any leftover papers can be trimmed for use as mats and other decorative elements throughout the album.

Mediterranean Podium Book - Photo Gallery

The finished album includes 32 inside pages. The book design allows a lot of flexibility to play "outside the lines" regarding placement of the photo mats and other embellishments.

Use Cutaparts, ribbon and fussy-cut fruit to decorate the inside front cover.

Keep scrolling for a better look at each two-page spread inside the album.

It's fun to allow the mats and other embellishments extend slightly beyond the margins of the inside pages. (Just make sure they don't extend beyond the front and back covers when the book is closed.)

Varying the size of the photo mats keeps things visually interesting.

Tie a bit of waxed cord onto two Painted Wood Buttons and adhere them to small square mats with our Bookbinding Glue.

Embellish a Mini Drawstring Bag with an Olive Leaf Charm to create a clever pocket to store memorabilia.

Top a narrow paper strip with a Gold Filigree Border.

A journaling Cutapart creates the perfect "ending" for the album.

There you have it - another amazing Page Kit Project! Make for yourself, or as a gift for someone special. I envision filling this Mediterranean version with favorite family recipes to share as a housewarming or wedding gift.

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Happy crafting!

Podium Book Components Kit

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