Make a Podium Book to showcase Christmas memories.

Make a Podium Book to showcase Christmas memories.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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The Podium Book project is an excellent way to preserve and display memories from a vacation or other special occasion - like Christmas!

This clever handmade book features a built-in easel, and it's designed to be made using any Club Scrap Page Kit when paired with the project components.

Christmas Legacy Podium Book - Details

To replicate my album, gather a Christmas Legacy Page Kit and the Podium Book Components. Use the paper assignments below when working with the downloadable project instructions and video tutorial.

(2) Paper A = Wine
(2) Paper B = Green
Paper C = Ivory
Paper D = Champagne Metallic
Paper E = Berry Metallic
Paper F = Green Print

Any leftover papers can be trimmed for use as mats and other decorative elements throughout the album.

Christmas Legacy Podium Book - A Photo Gallery

The finished album includes 32 inside pages with a unique binding. The book design offers lots of flexibility when it comes to placement of photo mats and other embellishments.

Decorate the inside front cover with a Cutapart sentiment and printed panel.

Create a liner for the mini metallic envelope from a printed paper scrap. The removable journaling Cutapart tucks neatly inside.

Add one of the beautiful golden holly leaves to the sentiment Cutapart, accented with three rhinestone gem "berries".

Keep scrolling for a detailed look at each two-page spread inside...

Allow the mats and other embellishments extend slightly beyond the margins of each inside page. (Just make sure nothing extends beyond the front and back covers when the book is closed.)

Rhinestone gems (attached with Bookbinding Glue in a needle-tipped applicator) create a bit of sparkle throughout the book.

Trim Cutapart border strips to 6" to fit the inside pages.

Since the holly leaves are fabric, you can easily trim them into sections. A single leaf with rhinestone "berries" adds an elegant touch to this page...

...while the two remaining leaves (with a trio of gems) decorate the next two pages.

Staple a ribbon scrap to the top of a page to add visual dimension.

Tie a knot in the gorgeous wine metallic ribbon, wrap it around the back of a photo mat, and secure with tape.

A longer length of beautiful wine ribbon wrapped and tied around one page... visible from both sides.

Finally, a journaling Cutapart creates the perfect "ending" for the album.

Why not make a holiday-themed podium book for yourself, or as a gift? I can't wait to fill my Christmas Legacy version with photos of friends and family this holiday season. Visit the links below to take a closer look at two more variations of the podium book project.

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Happy crafting!

Podium Book Components Kit

Podium Book Components Kit


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Podium Book Online Class

Podium Book Online Class


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