Meadow Stencil Print - Perfect page accents!

Meadow Stencil Print - Perfect page accents!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create a unique and coordinating Meadow Stencil print that compliments the papers chosen to complete the October Bonus Page formula layout.

My Daughter Shannon and I took a walk in the woods on a gorgeous fall day and I was able to capture her beautifully in the early evening light. I loved this sketch so much because there were ample photo mats available to highlight her senior pictures.

Meadow Bonus Page Formula

To replicate my layout, gather the following Meadow papers:

Paper A - Gold
Paper B - Ivory Texture
Paper C - Brown
(2) Paper D - Orange

Meadow Stencil Print Tutorial

Gather 12x12" papers from the Meadow collection. Tip: Download the instructions to a mobile device (iPad or tablet) for quick viewing. I love the ability to utilize the zoom in/out features to make reading the documents easier.

Follow the sketch to determine which paper will work best as an accent print. In this case Paper B fit the bill. Note the areas of the paper that will be cut before embellishing. Apply Earth and Tangerine Inks through the stencil (with an applicator brush) onto the Ivory Texture paper, concentrating on those areas. Alternate the colors and direction of the rushes for added interest.

Add butterfly images directly over the stenciled artwork with Tangerine Ink.

Stamp the daisies with Earth Ink.

Flick Earth Ink over the stenciled art with a waterbrush.

Trim the paper according to the instructions.

Page Assembly

Complete the page assembly by following the sketch.

Staple a folded ribbon to the open end of the brown strip at the bottom of the left page. Fold over the tails, wrap to the back of the layout, and secure with clear tape.

Punch flowers and die cut letters from Ivory paper.

Layer several punched flower shapes and adhere over the ribbon to hide the exposed staple. Attach the letters with Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator to complete the title strip.

Die cut foliage and add to the pages to compliment the stenciled artwork.

Let's take another look at the finished pages.

Do you like to add art mediums to your pages? If so, what are your favorite techniques? Leave the answers in the comments section below. Happy stenciling!

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