Meadow Stamps - Cards that are outstanding in their field.

Meadow Stamps - Cards that are outstanding in their field.

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create a beautiful set of cards with Meadow stamps, utilizing a variety of techniques to suit stampers of all skill levels.

Meadow Stamps

Card 1

Meadow Stamps Cards #clubscrap #cards #meadow

Stamp each of the three foliage images onto Ivory radiating from the bottom left and upper right corners with Ash Ink.

Complete this simple, yet elegant card with a sentiment stamped in Earth Ink.

Card 2

Fold a baby wipe into a small square. Place a piece of acetate or plastic beneath it to protect your work surface.

Squeeze several drops of Hybrid Re-Inker (Yellow, Tangerine, and Earth) onto the baby wipe to make a disposable multicolor ink pad.

Press the floral image into the ink and stamp onto an Ivory panel, rotating the image to create a wreath shape.

Add a stamped butterfly and sentiment in Earth Ink to finish the card.

Card 3

Apply several water-reactive ink colors to a small circle gel plate - with the lightest color at the bottom and the darkest color at the top - to create an "ombre" effect. Mist the gel plate lightly with water.

Place the gel plate ink side down onto an Ivory Panel. Keep it in place, allowing it to dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Once dry, remove the gel plate from the panel. Stamp the large frond image over the circle with Earth Ink.

Complete the card with the sentiment stamped in Earth Ink.

Card 4

Stamp the full flower image randomly in Earth Ink onto a Brown panel.

Stamp a sentiment onto an Ivory panel in Earth Ink; die cut or trim into an oval shape. Press the partial flower image into the inked baby wipe (created earlier) and add to either side of the oval sentiment panel.

Create loops of twine and adhere to the back side of the oval before attaching it to the Brown panel. Add clear sequins with Bookbinding Glue (dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator).

Card 5

Stamp the rose image on a white panel in Ash Ink.

Add color with the brush end of a pale green alcohol marker.

Color in the flower petals with a variety of colors. Use the stamped image as a guideline for shading.

Scribble alcohol markers onto an acrylic block to create a temporary palette. Dip the brush tip of a colorless blending marker into the colors and blend as desired.

Wrap small piece of twine around the panels. Complete the card with a stamped sentiment.

Card 6

Apply and blend Earth and Tangerine Ink onto an Ivory Texture panel using an Applicator Brush.

Stamp three flowers on a white panel with Ash Ink. Color the flowers with alcohol markers.

Add highlights/details with a white gel pen.

Stamp three leaf images onto the white panel with Moss Ink.

Fussy cut the leaves. Arrange the "bouquet" on the Ivory panel as desired; adhere with Bookbinding Glue.

Complete the card with a wrapped twine accent and a stamped sentiment.

Card 7

Stamp the wheat image with White Pigment Ink on Gold in a half circle formation.

Fill a Blank Ink Pad with Club Scrap Hybrid Re-inkers in Earth, Yellow, Red and Tangerine.

Label the ink pad with sticker paper to indicate the color palette.

Stamp the multicolored images over the white wheat images.

Add the butterfly to the panel in Earth Ink.

Load a water brush with White Pigment Ink and tap above the Gold panel to create a speckled effect.

Repeat this step with Earth Ink.

Stamp the sentiment with Tangerine Ink; mat with a Brown panel. Add loops of twine to the back and adhere to the front of the card.

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Happy stamping!

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