October 2022 - Meadow - A field of dreams for creativity!

October 2022 - Meadow - A field of dreams for creativity!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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The Meadow collection begins shipping today! We've been carefully preparing your "with kit" orders and packing up the collections all month long, and today is the day the warehouse well empty again -- only to repeat the cycle once more.

In case you missed it, watch our live spoiler on Facebook, or if you prefer, view on YouTube.

We warmed things up this month with a beautiful palette of golds and browns. Plus, you'll fall in love with the amazing feel of the Ivory Texture paper.

A Note from Tricia

Did you get a chance to view the Podium Book Workshop? Even better, have you made yours? If you need more inspiration, Karen made a gorgeous version with the Christmas Legacy collection. If you're hoping to pick up the full classalong kit or components, act quickly as supplies are running very low.

Last call for final spaces at Silver Birch Ranch scrapbooking camp in Northern Wisconsin. We can't wait to give you welcoming hugs and hang out for a relaxing weekend in a beautiful setting. Check your calendar for the weekend of November 17-20. If you're free, come and join us!

Save the date: November 18 will be our next online educational event. Watch for an announcement coming soon. Our newest project will have your head spinning with creative ideas. We can't wait to spill the beans!

What's Ahead?

We're going to brighten your day with our cheerful Whimsy collection in November. The bright, cheerful color palette will liven up the month when combined with our whimsical designs and goodies. Plus, we will be introducing a new guest designer contributor we know you're going to love!

Fonts and Inks

As I mentioned in my spoiler video, I adore this month's font combination! It's the perfect pairing of soft and sweet. The fonts include "believe" and "aAutoSignature." If you like to have matching stamping inks on hand, I suggest the following CS® pads: Yellow, Tangerine, Leaf and Brown.

Meadow Page Kit

Here's a quick preview video for you . . .

One of the things about this collection we love most is its neutrality. The color combo will be a winner for so many of life's occasions, we've dubbed the kit a "photo eater!" Trust the efficient process: follow along with our video workshop, complete the pages entirely, and simply add photos ready in your stash.

During the assembly process, I'll show you fun ways to use the cute little gold hangers and brads we've included in the box. They work splendidly with ribbon of all sizes!

It's a great month to join us. The price of a kit drops by $8 to just $24.95 once you take the leap, and it would be an honor to welcome you. If you have ANY questions about how everything works, don't hesitate to give us a ring at 888-634-9100.

Meadow Card Kit

View the entire kit and finished card set here:

After spending hours calculating how to get the paper yield necessary to create our version of the floating panel card, I was thrilled with the results. You're going to have fun learning how to make this one! I've carefully broken down the steps, making assembly deceptively easy.

It's a great time to expand your skills and join us as a card kit member. (Anyone can shop, but members always save!)

Meadow Stamps

Julie has another set of nifty and inspiring card ideas to get you started with your new set of Meadow stamps. She'll be posting her blog soon, and you can learn how it's done! Meanwhile, don't wait to get started with your ideas, and be sure to post them to our Facebook chat group!

Meadow Stamps by Club Scrap

Enjoy this beautiful season!


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