Stencil Pounce - A technique spotlight.

Stencil Pounce - A technique spotlight.

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create unique backgrounds utilizing several art mediums with the stencil pounce technique. This month, Club Scrap included a stencil as a goodie in the Meadow Page kit. Visit the online store to see the full selection of Club Scrap stencils available while supplies last.

It all started with an Instagram video tutorial. The video demonstrated how to make backgrounds with Distress Oxide Inks and a small sheet of acetate. Lisa and I put our heads together and came up with a variation featuring Club Scrap stencils instead of acetate. Try one of the options below to add splashes of color to a background panel using a stencil and ink applied with a "pouncing" motion.

Stencil Pounce Tutorial

Spray Club Scrap Stipple Mists (Sunflower, Cantelope and Burnt Umber) onto a work surface protected with plastic. Mist lightly with water to activate the colors.

Dip the Meadow stencil into the mists.

"Pounce" the inked stencil onto a white panel. Repeat until the panel is covered in color.

Use up the remainder of the mists by continuing to pounce the stencil onto Orange and Gold panels.

Stipple Mist Cards - Julie

Watercolor Pencil Variation

Spritz the Meadow stencil lightly with water. Scribble various watercolor pencils over the wet stencil. (I chose to work with shades of green.) Pounce the colors onto a white panel.

Meadow Stencil - Julie

Distress Oxide Inks Variation

Press the ink pad on the protected work surface and activate the inks with water. Dip the stencil in the ink and pounce the wet stencil onto the panel. Continue pouncing the wet inks over the panel until the desired look is achieved.

Golden Hour Stencil - Lisa

Prism Stencil - Lisa

We hope you will give this fun technique a try. We invite you to share your artwork with us on the Club Scrap Chat Group on Facebook. Not a group member yet? Simply answer a few questions and we will get your request processed in no time!

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