Maze Book Instructions and Video

Maze Book Instructions and Video

Julie Heyer

Nestled in the Moroccan Spice Deluxe kit is this sweet little Maze Book project.


Gather your materials included in the kit.

Score the 12x12 print both horizontally and vertically at 3, 6, and 9" using a ruler and bone folder or scoring board. Cut along the solid black lines with scissors or a craft knife.


Begin folding the maze book with the five tile image square. The first fold will be a valley fold.


Continue folding back and forth along the maze route until the book shape is complete.

5 6

Adhesive can be used on the plain side of each page to keep the book from popping open.


Center the 3x3" mat boards onto the Purple covers and wrap the flaps around the boards. Burnish folds with a bone folder.

8 9

Remove the Purple covers from the mat boards. Repeat steps with the Gold covers.


With the orange paper wrapped around the board, insert the purple flap between the Gold cover paper and mat board.


Wrap the Purple cover over the Gold flaps and tuck the other Purple flap between the Gold paper and mat board. You may find it helpful to cut the edges of the flaps at an angle to ease assembly.

IMG_2510 IMG_2512 IMG_2513

Embellish the 2.75x2.75" Ivory panel with a large metal medallion and clear sequin. Ink edges with CS Earth ink and adhere to the front cover.

Adhere the inside pages onto the front and back covers of the book. The pages will be aligned flush with the covers. Alternatively, slide the first and last pages of the book between the Purple and Gold papers on the cover.

Slide the purple ribbon through the front and back covers and tie closed with a bow. The ribbon can also be adhered to the inside covers prior to attaching the book pages.


Tricia ducked into the studio to make the book on video and shares a few great tips along the way. Check it out!

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