Legacy Drop Spine Box and Mini Album with a Video Tour

Legacy Drop Spine Box and Mini Album with a Video Tour

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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The Wandering Bee Drop Spine Box Workshop was incredibly popular, and the project was a terrific candidate for adaptation with this month's Legacy collection.

Legacy Drop Spine Box and Mini Album #clubscrap

The box and coordinating mini album is perfect for a bridal shower or wedding gift! ('Tis the season . . . )

Legacy Drop Spine Box and Coordinating Mini Album

If you'd like to make a box and mini album of your own, simply purchase and download the instructions from our online store. Next, gather your favorite page kit, drop spine box components, 12x12 mat board and a few basic tools. (You can explore the gorgeous Let It Bee version, along with a complete list of tools and supplies, on my blog post.) NOTE: If you purchase the drop spine box components, the instructions for the project are included!

The instructions and video tutorial guide you through the paper trimming and sorting process. After the trimming is complete, construction of the box and mini album can begin!

To replicate my project, use the following paper assignments:

Paper A = Teal
Paper B = Teal Print
Paper C = Pink Print
Paper D = Pink Metallic
Paper E & F = Red Metallic, Light Blue

The Box

If you've made a drop spine box with us in the past, the construction should come easily to you. If not, never fear, I will guide you through the process during my helpful video tutorial. It's so rewarding to see the how the box comes together. Once finished, use embellishments from the kit to "put the cherry on top!"

The Mini U-Hinge Book

Part two of the project is the "bonus" mini album - a variation of the larger Peony U-Hinge Album. The size and design has been modified so it fits perfectly inside the box and uses all of the remaining papers from the page kit!

Remaining ribbon, cutaparts and embellishments from the Page Kit decorate the cover and interior of the album.

I love how the binding mechanism doesn't require any sewing skills and lays perfect flat for comfortable viewing.

The trifold inner pages allow space for tons of photos!

If a photo is worth a thousand words, how about a video tour? This might help you in finding ways to adapt the page kit cutaparts to the smaller pages. (We are intentional about making these adaptations work during the kit design process.)

Learning to create this project will equip you with tons of paper crafting skills while efficiently utilizing the investment you've made in your craft. Be sure to share your versions of this project with your Club Scrap friends in our friendly chat group on Facebook!

Bless those you love with a handmade gift from the heart . . .


Drop Spine Box Components

Drop Spine Box Components


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Drop Spine Box and Mini Book Online Class

Drop Spine Box and Mini Book Online Class


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12x12 Mat Board


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