Karen's Succulents Lite Layouts

Karen's Succulents Lite Layouts

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Thanks for joining me as I share pages featuring the Succulents collection.

I just love the artwork and color scheme this month. Even though I collect succulents (and therefore have plenty of photos of them), I found the colors went beautifully with so many other pics.

Succulents Lite

Layout 1-2

Last fall, the Mike-man and I went to Door County for the day to celebrate our anniversary. The photos from Cave Point Park were perfect on the Succulents Lite ALSB layouts.

succulents lite layouts
Layout 5-6

In order to accommodate more vertical pics, I rotated the layout (and journaling Cutapart) on the right 90 degrees. (I bet you wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't mentioned it!)

succulents lite layouts

I was also able to add an extra photo by using the small mat (now) at the top of the page.

succulents lite layouts

Layout 7-8

We took quite a few "selfies" that day--I guess that's what you do when no one else is around to take pictures for you!

succulents lite layouts
Layout 3-4

After scrapping the Door County trip, I was left with two more layouts. I chose to work with these pics of my mom, my daughter and me from a baby shower we attended. (These photos are extra-special because mom is kinda camera-shy.)

succulents lite layouts

Again, I used a small mat as an opportunity to sneak in an extra photo.

Guess what? I'm two for two on my self-imposed monthly scrap challenge. Woot! And now it's YOUR turn to make something--ANYTHING--with your Succulents supplies.


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