It's Worth the 1/8"

It's Worth the 1/8"

Tricia Morris

I try my best to avoid measurements smaller than a quarter inch as they seem to strike fear in the hearts of many. But sometimes the 1/8" is worth the effort. You'll need your measuring smarticles to trim the panel grid for this set of four perfectly-spaced panels on four 5x7" cards.


Start with your paper trimmer and four sheets of 12x12 Celebrate paper. I used the Teal Print, Orange Print, White Print and Gray Pattern Plain.

Screenshot 2016-01-06 13.55.57

Trim each sheet at 11-3/4 and 7".
Cut the 7x12 horizontally at 10".
Trim the 2x7 horizontally at 6-3/8 and 4-3/8".
Cut the 4-3/4x12 horizontally at 10-1/4 and 6-3/4".
Trim the 3-1/2x4-3/4 horizontally at 2-3/8".
Cut one 2-3/8x3-1/2 horizontally at 2-7/8".
Trim the 1-3/4x4-3/4 horizontally at 4-1/8".
Score and fold each 7x10 horizontally at 5" to make four card bases.

Sort the card bases and panels to distribute the four colors in a pleasing arrangement. The 1/8-inch measurements help create equal spacing between all four elements. (It's a "Type A" thing!)

Screenshot 2016-01-04 18.09.07

CARD ONE - "Let's Celebrate" sentiment from the Greeting UM.


CARD TWO: "Happy Birthday" sentiment from the Greeting UM


CARD THREE: "Admit it" sentiment from the Jumbo UM.


CARD FOUR: "Life is a Celebration" sentiment from the Art Nouveau UM.


Each card was topped off with some ribbon from the Celebrate collection.


In some cases, use the plain side of a print to tone down a busy pattern or create more contrast between layers.


Your assignment: give this formula a try.

Happy measuring!


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