Flower Embellishments

Flower Embellishments

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Add fun and whimsy to any scrapbook page, card or project with two unique handmade flower embellishments.

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Origami Paper Flowers

Punch 1" circles from a variety of Literature papers.


Fold each circle in half and then in half again. Round the folded edges into a petal shape.

img_6233 img_6232

Adhere the petals back to back with CS® Bookbinding Glue in a Needle-tipped Applicator or with a hot glue gun.

img_6236 img_6239

Attach a decorative vintage button or eyelet to the center of each flower.


Adhere the flowers to your project.

Literature Canvas #clubscrap #paperflowers #canvas

View this video for more helpful tips on flower assembly.

Punched Paper Flowers

Print a Literature Digital kit panel image onto Ivory paper. Punch five petal flowers from the text areas of the paper.


Adhere vintage buttons to the center of each punched flower with Bookbinding Glue in a Needle-tipped Applicator. It's as easy as that!

img_6254 Literature Collection #card #canvas #clubscrap

literature-fall-2016 #layout #scrapbooking #clubscrap


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