Flourish Spoiler - February's designs are unbe-leaf-able!

Flourish Spoiler - February's designs are unbe-leaf-able!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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It's time for the Flourish spoiler! Don't read any further if you prefer to be surprised when your box arrives . . .

In case you missed the live unboxing event, you can view the entire video on Facebook or YouTube.

Flourish Page Kit

Flourish Page Kit

The Flourish page kit is a real photo-eater. Use layouts from the collection to showcase outdoor photos or any special event like a birthday, wedding or anniversary celebration, tropical vacation, and more.

Join today and your adventures as a member will begin with the Flourish kit. You'll get the best possible kit price of $24.95, and there's no risk of a longterm commitment. (We love a nice, long commitment, but we're happy to earn that.) Give us a try!

Flourish Card Kit

The cards this month are really special. Follow along with my workshop video and learn to create six each of two card structures: A standing box card and a clever color-blocked single-fold card. You'll even make two handy "purses" to store the cards - to keep or to give away.

Whether you want to add the card kit to your membership line-up or simply make a one-time purchase, you can do that today! Customize your shipment any way you like within your member profile.

Flourish Stamps

Julie has really outdone herself this month with the Flourish stamps. Her cards range from simple and elegant (read: easy to achieve) to more technique-based cards designed to challenge the more seasoned stamper. Either way, there's something for everyone! Stay tuned to the blog this month for details on each card.

If you're looking for inks to coordinate with the papers in this collection, I recommend Leaf, Moss, Spruce, Sandstone, and Earth hybrid inks. Our White Pigment ink really pops on the dark papers.

Shopping opens today for the entire Flourish collection.

Members, simply adjust your subscription if you'd like to add kits or other add-ons to your next shipment. Not a member? If you join today, your first kit (Flourish) will ship starting Tuesday. We'd love to welcome you to our creative family.


P.S. If you have questions about how to update your shipment, please don't hesitate to reach out for help. Call 888-634-9100 or email info@clubscrap.com.

*Not a member? Use the following direct links to JOIN us! Your first shipment will be January's Mariachi collection.

*If you're already a member but want to add a page kit or card kit to your subscription, please adjust your existing membership. (Using the "add to cart" links below will create a second shipment going to the same address.)

Click the shopping links below for one-time purchases, and shop all available items in the store.

Flourish Card Kit

Flourish Card Kit


An all-inclusive pack requiring no additional stamping supplies* to complete twelve cards and two gift purses. *If you’re more inclined to create your own artwork, all pre-printed Cutaparts can be flipped over to the plain side for your decorating enjoyment.… Read More

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