Faux Wood Background Technique and Idea Deck Challenge

Faux Wood Background Technique and Idea Deck Challenge

Julie Heyer

Create faux wood planks with simple scoring techniques and a bit of creative inking.

#clubscrap #adirondacks #fauxwood Faux Background Technique

As a bonus, these layouts qualify for the Idea Deck Challenge following the cutting instructions from the Assembly Line Scrapbooking Idea Deck Vol. 1, Four of Spades.

#clubscrap #adirondacks #fauxwood #scrapbooking Faux Background Technique

Gather papers from the Adirondacks Deluxe Kit after consulting with the recipe on the card.

Faux Wood Background Technique

Score one 12x12" Mint Paper every inch from 1-11". Repeat for the second sheet of Mint paper.

Flip the scored paper so the bump of the score is facing up. Rub Earth Ink directly from the pad onto the raised lines.

Follow the detailed cutting instructions and assemble the pieces onto the faux wood background papers.

#clubscrap #adirondacks #fauxwood #scrapbooking

Add metal brad embellishments, a page title, photos from a recent nature walk, and your layouts are complete!

Visit the blog next week to see how I created the stenciled title block.


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