Adirondacks Deluxe Layouts

Adirondacks Deluxe Layouts

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Thanks to Tricia's Assembly Line Scrapbooking (ALSB) instructions, I am on a roll this month, finishing most of my Adirondacks Deluxe pages in record time. I mean, it's only May 5, people!

Once I discovered the May theme would be Adirondacks, I could already envision the photos I'd scrap on these pages. As I've mentioned before, my dad takes a walk in our local park every day, and while there, takes amazing photos of the local flora and fauna.


Deluxe Layouts 1 & 2

Along the river, deer abound. Dad is in the park so often, we think they've become accustomed to his presence. They practically pose for the camera!

Adirondacks Deluxe Layouts
Deluxe Layouts 3 & 4

There's an eagle's nest nearby Dad is monitoring carefully. The eagle couple takes turns on the nest. Now we just have to wait for the eggs to hatch.

Adirondacks Deluxe Layouts
Deluxe Layouts 7 & 8

We also have a family of foxes in the park. They like to play hide and seek and are very hard to capture on camera. These pics are the best of the batch so far. 

Adirondacks Deluxe Layouts

In addition to these layouts, I finished six more. If you'd like to see how those turned out, visit my personal blog HERE. What pages have you been working on?

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