Deck of Cards Grad Gift

Deck of Cards Grad Gift

Tricia Morris

It happens in a blink. I witnessed my daughter's 18th birthday and high school graduation within the past 30 days and I'm still trying to figure out how we got here so quickly.


I wanted to give her something small enough to take with her to college that would remind her of how much she's loved and to give her a few important life tips, so I made a little "deck of cards". The card deck made its original appearance in the Wild, Wild West collection (10/05). I stamped the outside with images from Up, Up & Away (02/13).


Once the inner cards were decorated, I thankfully didn't have room for 52. I don't think I have that much good advice.


The title card starts with a birthday wish and two number stickers from the All That Jazz (11/10) kit.


I then incorporated photos from her senior year along with handwritten morsels of motherly advice.


I used an envelope punch board to make little pockets to house gift cards. I'm quite certain these were her favorites!


If you're looking for a full deck of 52 blank cards to alter, you'll find one right in the Big Deal Deluxe kit. It includes materials to make wrapped covers, binding rings, and numbering stickers.

I shall leave you with a few card ideas to get you started . . .





Next stop: UW-Madison!


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