Chocolate Bar Holder - A sweet little gift!

Chocolate Bar Holder - A sweet little gift!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create a super sweet Chocolate candy bar holder with papers and stamps from the October 2023 collection. I found this tutorial on Pinterest and just knew it would be a perfect compliment to my stamped cards.

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Chocolate Candy Bar Holder Tutorial

Score a 5-1/2x6-1/4" Red panel horizontally at 1, 1-1/4, 3-3/4, and 4".

Cut two 2-1/4x5-1/4" Brown panels. Punch circles at the top of the panels making sure the holes align when the bar holder is fully assembled. Note: I used a 3/4" circle punch, whereas the original tutorial featured a 1/2" punch.

Stamp both Brown panels with the small chocolate label image in White Pigment Ink. Set each aside to dry.

Fold along all score lines on the Red panel, making sure the bump of the fold is on the inside. Apply Bookbinding Glue in a Needle-tipped Applicator along the inside edge of the large scored area and the outside edge of the small tab.

Close the large scored area over the tab as shown. Burnish to ensure proper adhesion.

The 1/4" areas become the side walls of the bar holder.

Add adhesive to the back of each stamped Brown panel and center onto the front and back of the bar holder.

Cut a 14" length of brown twill ribbon. Loop the ribbon around the bottom of a wrapped bar of chocolate.

Slide the bar into the holder, loop end first.

Insert one end of the ribbon through the hole in the front and the other through the hole on the back of the holder.

Tie the ends of the ribbon into a bow to secure the candy bar. Gift to someone sweet.

Let's take another look at the finished bar holder.

Looking for more Chocolate stamps inspiration? Visit this blog post for a visual tour of all my cards featuring October's Chocolate Stamps.

Happy stamping!

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