How to make cards with the Bandana Stamps.

How to make cards with the Bandana Stamps.

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Pair the Bandana Stamps with some super-simple stamping techniques to create a beautiful selection of cards. Read on to learn more.

*The finished size of each card is 4.25x5.5", unless otherwise noted.

Bandana Stamps

I had a lot of fun creating with the January stamp sheet. Are you ready for a closer look at each of my stamped cards?

Card 1

Bandana Stamps #clubscrap #ink #stamps

Add the large swirl image and sentiment to an Aqua panel with India Black Ink.

Highlight some of the details with a white pencil.

Layer the stamped artwork onto a Red panel to complete the card.

Card 2

Apply India Ink to the square image.

Stamp onto an Aqua panel. Repeat inking and stamping as many times as necessary to achieve the desired result.

Trim the image with the paper trimmer, leaving a 1/16" reveal on all sides.

Nest onto a Soft White panel.

Add a double-looped ribbon accent around the bottom of the panel. Secure the ends with clear tape on the back side. Stamp the sentiment with Ocean Ink. Mat with an Aqua panel.

Add a stamped sentiment to the inside of the card.

Card 3

Stamp the large swirl image in the top left and bottom right corners of a white panel. Add details with colored pencils.

Color the petals on the large flower lightly with an aqua green pencil.

Add shading with a heavier application of the same color.

Repeat the process for the red flowers until the desired look is achieved.

Add a matted stamped sentiment to complete the card.

Card 4

Stamp the square image onto white paper with Red Ink.

Fill in the remaining areas with the same image, switching the orientation of the stamp each time.

Wrap a piece of sheer ribbon around one corner of the stamped panel, using the artwork as a guide.

Secure the ribbon ends on the back of the panel with clear tape.

Stamp a sentiment with Ocean Ink, layer mat with Red. Apply foam adhesive circles to the back side.

Adhere to the card front, over the sheer ribbon, to complete the card.

Card 5

Stamp the paisley image with India Ink onto an Aqua panel.

Repeat the stamping process until the background is complete.

Cover the Black panel in anti-static powder.

Add the large swirl image to the panel with White Pigment Ink.

Dust the still-wet image with Perfect Pearls Pearl Powder.

Buff lightly with a dry cloth to bring out the shine.

Stamp the "pick a compliment" artwork onto a scrap piece of white paper with India Ink. Remove your favorite sentiment with scissors; mat with Black.

Adhere onto the sheer ribbon to complete the card.

Card 6

Cover the Red strip with a repeating leaf pattern in India Ink.

Stamp the "compliment" sentiment on a piece of white paper. Cut between each of the compliments with scissors using the lines on the image as a guide.

Tear off your favorite compliment and place it below the Red strip to complete the card.

Card 7

Stamp the large swirl image onto a Red panel with Watermark Ink.

Repeat the stamping to add a second swirl as shown.

Add the sentiment to the top and bottom of a Soft White panel with Ocean Ink.

Position the panel to the left of the stamped artwork on the Red panel. Center a horizontal Aqua strip between the two sentiments.

Stretch sheer ribbon across the Aqua strip and secure the ends to the back side with clear tape. Tie a small baker's twine bow around the ribbon to complete the card.

Card 8

Create a background on the Soft White panel with the small paisley stamp and Ocean Ink.

Stamp the sentiment with India Ink onto a Red panel. Fill the blank areas around the sentiment with the small flower image for added interest.

Adhere to the paisley panel to complete the card.

I hope you enjoyed the techniques I paired with the Bandana stamps to create my finished card samples. Let us know what you're working on. Why not join us on our private Chat group on Facebook? It's the best place to inspire, or be inspired by, fellow Club Scrap fans.

Happy stamping!

Bandana Stamps

Bandana Stamps


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