Take Flight Twin Trifold Albums for Baby.

Take Flight Twin Trifold Albums for Baby.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Learn to make a pair of beautiful 5x7" books using folding board, any CS® page kit, and our handy online workshop tutorial: Twin Trifold Album Instructions.

The downloadable instructions will guide you through the sorting, trimming and assembly process. Tricia will share helpful tips throughout the step-by-step video tutorial.

Take Flight Baby Twin Trifold Albums

To make this project, gather the following:

Take Flight Page Kit
Take Flight Baby Page Cutaparts
Twin Trifold Album Instructions Download
(2) Gray Folding Boards
CS® Bookbinding Glue
12” Paper Trimmer
3x14" Grid Ruler
Accordion Pocket File
ScorPal 1/8s
Bone Folder
Hook and Loop Dots
(2) Sets Magnetic Disc Closures

What kind of twins will you make?

When sorting the papers, you can make two nearly identical twin books by splitting the papers equally - one sheet of each print and plain for each book. Simply use the same paper assignments when constructing both books.

Another option is to create a set of "fraternal" boy/girl twins. In this case, separate the papers by primary color - (2) each of the Lt. Pink, Dk. Pink and Collage Print for baby girl, and (2) each of the Lt. Blue, Dk. Blue and Balloon Print for baby boy.

To recreate my pair of "fraternal twin" albums, split the 12x12 papers from the kit equally into two piles, one of each plain and print. While I used one sheet of each paper, I sorted those papers differently for each book. I've listed the paper assignments for each book below.

"Snuggles" Book

For the first book, utilize the following paper assignments:

Paper A: Dk. Pink
Paper B: Lt. Blue
Paper C: Lt. Pink
Paper D: Dk. Blue
Paper E: Balloon Print
Paper F: Collage Print

Just as the "trifold" name indicates, the interior of the book is divided into three main sections.

The section on the left features two pamphlet-style fold-outs with four panels each.

The center section is made up of waterfall panels.

Finally, the right section of the trifold album features a pocket with a hook and loop closure that serves as home to a removable booklet insert.

"Welcome Little One" Album

Sort the papers for the second book as follows:

Paper A: Dk. Blue
Paper B: Lt. Pink
Paper C: Lt. Blue
Paper D: Dk. Pink
Paper E: Collage Print
Paper F: Balloon Print

I added some photos of my grandson to the second book.

The waterfall pages hold so many photos!

And there you have it! Two 5x7" Trifold Albums from a single Page Kit - one to keep and one to give away. Or, make two gifts for the price of one. Either way, it's an amazing value!

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