Accordion Hinge Album Instructions

Accordion Hinge Album Instructions

Tricia Morris

If you're a Club Scrap member, you received a handmade album project kit in your October Homestead shipment. You'll be thrilled to discover how quick and easy it is to assemble!


Gather the following tools and supplies:

Before I get into the photographic steps, I figure we should just dive in with a video lesson! The video features one of the variations of the book, but it will seal the deal for you on how easy this is.

1. Fold the ten Green pages in half, and burnish the creases with a bone folder.


2. Trim the 7x10" Dark Blue binding tab piece horizontally at 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1" to create ten 1x7" pieces. Optional: Round two corners of each binding tab with a punch or Corner Chomper.

1014Book02 1014Book02a

3. Accordion fold each 5x9" Brown Spine piece. Start by folding in half.


4. Bring each "free edge" of the paper up to the folded edge to fold each section in half.

1014Book04 1014Book04a

5. Once again, bring each free edge to the nearest folded edge to fold in half, burnishing creases with a bone folder.


6. Reverse the center fold, and fold the remaining sections in half by bringing the mountain fold to the nearest mountain fold.

1014Book06 1014Book06a

7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the two remaining Brown spine pieces and use glue or adhesive to hitch them together to make one long accordion spine.


8. Center the spine over the crease of one Green page. (There should be 1" above and below the spine.) Use a paper piercing tool or push pin to pierce through the crease just above and below the spine piece.


9. Using the pierced page as a template, nest the page into three additional pages and transfer the location of the pierced holes to the pages below. Repeat until all pages have been pierced, keeping the original page as the template each time.


10. Place one Green opened page onto a cutting mat; cut a slit into the fold to connect the two pierced holes. Repeat for all remaining pages.

1014Book10 1014Book10a

11. Locate the first pleat (mountain fold) of the Brown accordion spine. Insert the folded pleat into the slit of one folded page, from the outside to the inside of the folded page.



12. Repeat to attach all remaining pages to the spine.


13. Open one page to reveal the folded pleat of the spine. Slide a 1x7" Blue binding tab into the spine with the rounded corners facing away from the fold of the page. You may have to wiggle it in to get it through the spine piece. Repeat for all remaining pages. The tabs will secure the spine to the folded pages.



14. Glue the two 1" flaps of the Brown spine to the outside front and back covers of the book.


15. Place adhesive or glue onto one long edge of a Brick inner page. Open one page of the book to reveal the spine pleat. Adhere the Brick page to the spine/binding tab, centered within the book. Repeat for all remaining Brick pages, leaving one Brick page for the outside front cover.

1014Book15 1014Book15a


16. Trim the Ivory printed cutapart into sections as indicated by the artwork. If desired, distress the edges of the largest cutapart, center onto the Brick matte and adhere to the outside front cover.


17. Decorate the book with additional cutaparts, embellishments, stamped images and photos.

1014Book17 1014Book17a



Be sure to check out the beautiful variations we've designed for this project! They include Winery, Seashore and Flower Garden. You'll want to make a big batch of these for the holidays!

IMG_4872 Winery Accordion Hinge Album

IMG_4881 Seaside Accordion Hinge Album

IMG_4917 Flower Garden Accordion Hinge Album

Have a good time with this one . . .



  • (10) 7 x 10" Pages - "Green"
  • (1) 7 x 10" Binding Tab - "Blue"
  • (3) 5 x 9" Spine Pieces - "Brown"
  • (11) 4.5 x 6.5" Inner Flag pages - "Brick"

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