Waterfall Technique

Waterfall Technique

Kay Williamson

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Expand the number of photos you can include in a layout with an interactive waterfall technique. It's beautiful with the Paris Flea Market collection! (And I can't believe my girl is 14!)

IMG_5397 copy 

The page looks like any other layout when the mechanism is closed.

IMG_5406 copy
But pull the tab and the magic begins!

Waterfall Technique Tutorial

Follow the steps below to create a waterfall page:

1. Cut seven 4.75x3.25" pieces of Black Plain. Score and fold each piece horizontally at 2.25". (Not in half.)

IMG_5357 copy

2. Adhere the back of one short flap to the back of one long flap with the non-folded edges aligned. Repeat to build the interactive mechanism.

IMG_5358 copy

IMG_5360 copy

IMG_5362 copy

IMG_5363 copy

IMG_5366 copy

3. Adhere the back flap of the last page to a 5x5" White Print base. Align the folded edge of the flap with the left edge of the paper, and center from top to bottom.

IMG_5370 copy

4. Cut a 3.25x6.25" strip from Black Plain. Use a clear grid ruler to mark a light pencil mark 2.5" from the left edge.

IMG_5372 copy

5. Close all of the page flaps and adhere the outside of the first folded page to the marked spot on the strip, aligned from top to bottom. The strip will function as a pull tab.

IMG_5376 copy

6. Swing the pull tab around to the back, bringing it beneath the 5x5" White Print base.

IMG_5378 copy

IMG_5379 copy

7. Flip the mechanism over and place foam tape onto the 5x5" White Print base in a "U"-shape to create space for the mechanism to work. More than two layers of foam tape may be required.

IMG_5380 copy

IMG_5382 copy

IMG_5395 copy

8. Attach the mechanism to a scrapbook page.

IMG_5396 copy

9. Decorate with cutaparts and photos.

IMG_5399 copy

IMG_5404 copy

IMG_5401 copy

Watch the waterfall page in action . . .

The most-viewed post of all time on my personal blog, Kay's Keepsakes, features this technique with Club Scrap's Lakes Papers. Check it out for more inspiration!

Shop the link below to purchase and download a card making version of this technique.


Slimline Waterfall Card Formula

Slimline Waterfall Card Formula


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