5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula - Make four interactive cards.

5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula - Make four interactive cards.

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Tricia recently shared a clever card making formula to create four 5x7" Pinwheel cards from eight sheets of paper. I was inspired to make a set after watching her presentation on the One of a Kind Virtual Event Facebook page. I created a set of four interactive Farmstand cards by following her cutting formula and step-by-step instructions.

If you missed Tricia's original presentation, you can watch the replay by clicking the image below.

Farmstand 5x7 Pinwheel Cards

To create the card set below, I chose eight papers from the Farmstand Card Kit: (2) Dark Green, (2) Light Green, (2) Red and (2) Card Kit Prints.

The completed pinwheel cards not only look really cool when open, but the design allows the cards to stand on their own.

But don't worry - the clever construction also allows the cards to lie perfectly flat for mailing.

The unique design is fun and interactive. Tricia's formula creates four card bases with coordinating panels. Embellish the cards further with Farmstand card cutaparts. Or, if you prefer, add sentiments and artwork using coordinating stamps. Just be mindful to not go past the overall "width" of the card when adding the decorative elements.

Decorate and embellish two, three, or all four sections of the "pinwheel" as desired.

Farmstand 5x7 Pinwheel Cards

Tropicale Pinwheel Cards

Tricia's presentation featured cards made using papers and cutaparts from the Tropicale Card kit.

She also made a second set using Tropicale stamps (along with dies from her stash) to embellish the cards.

Don't you just love the clean and simple look?

The next time you're looking for an extra-special card design, I encourage you to give the 5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula a try. The formula and instructions are available on Tricia's blog post. You can download them free for a very limited time, so now is not the time for lolly-gagging or dilly-dallying.

Happy crafting!

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