We {Heart} Quad Prints!

We {Heart} Quad Prints!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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One year ago, we started including a text weight print in our Club Stamp kits. Each 8.5x11" is divided into four equal-sized individual smaller prints, so our design team nicknamed it the "quad print".

These prints are ideal for card-making since each section is sized just right for A2 cards. They're a natural choice for card panels, but our design team is constantly challenging themselves to come up with new and different ways to use the quad prints. I thought I'd take this opportunity to compile all of those ideas into a single post for you. (You'll want to bookmark this one, folks!)



Trimming each mini print into different-sized blocks and mixing and matching them makes for really fun cards. Get all of the measurements you need on Kay's Quickie Quad Cards post featuring the Graffiti Text Weight Print.


The Blueprints quad prints look great when cut into rectangles or squares to create a patchwork design. You can use a square punch for the job, or just grab your good 'ol paper trimmer and trim away.


For a unique twist on a similar design, add an acrylic paint wash over your patchwork design like Kay did with her Dungarees card.


Or really highlight those printed squares by adding a matte behind them in a coordinating plain paper, as Kay did with her Big Deal cards. It really makes them pop, don't you think?



Back in March, Kay shared a cool paper quilting technique featuring the Trees Club Stamp Text Weight Print. These little embellishments work equally well on scrapbook pages as well as cards.



The text weight prints make excellent candidates for paper folding and origami projects. Check out the fun "t-shirt" on Tricia's Dungarees card. Get the tutorial HERE.


The Lakes prints were perfect for creating these little origami boats!


The Cinema Club Stamp ALCM post included a tutorial for this cute mini envelope.


And how about these adorable origami hearts? Made extra fun with bright Picnic papers!


The nature of the text weight paper makes it super easy to work with. It works well as a wrap for book board boxes (or book covers) when paired with our bookbinding glue.


See the tutorial to make this box and the awesome paper bead bracelet from Oopsie Daisy papers.



Kay made the most of the patterns on the Homestead prints by creating small embellishments for her cards using a corner rounder and circle punch. Don't they look great?


Tricia's Oopsie Daisy ALCM post included a quick tutorial for these sweet little banners, perfect for dressing up a card.



This technique is one of my favorites! Some of the quad prints are so colorful and fun, they just beg to become something extra special. Don't miss Kay's tutorial on how to make these faux birthday candles from Picnic quad prints.



Most recently, Kay shared a fun way to pair those oft forgotten paper punches with Club Stamp prints for a completely fresh look. Doesn't this technique look awesome with the Reunion quad prints?

Whew! That's a ton of ideas! I hope this inspires you to grab your Club Stamp quads and get creative this week.

Have a creative day!

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