Make six pinwheel cards from any Club Scrap Page Kit.

Make six pinwheel cards from any Club Scrap Page Kit.

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

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Back in 2021, Tricia shared a clever card making formula designed to create four 5x7" Pinwheel cards from eight sheets of paper. After revisiting the formula, I discovered you can easily make a set of six cards with supplies from any CS® Page Kit, with only minor adjustments.

Typeset Pinwheel Cards

Since each Page Kit includes twelve sheets of paper, you can easily transform the contents into six interactive pinwheel cards with the 5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula download.

Begin by dividing the papers in half, making two stacks of six papers (one of each print and plain). Next, trim and score one set of papers following Step 1 and trim the other six sheets according to Step 2. Finally, sort the trimmed elements, assembling the cards as outlined in Steps 3-5.

The completed pinwheel cards not only look really cool when open, but the design allows the cards to stand on their own.

But don't worry - the clever construction also allows the cards to lie perfectly flat for mailing in a standard A7 envelope.

The unique design is fun and interactive. Embellish the cards with the included cutaparts. (Or, if you prefer, add sentiments and artwork using coordinating stamps.) Just be mindful to not go past the overall "width" of the flattened card when adding decorative elements.

Further enhance the Page Kit Cutaparts with greetings trimmed from the Typeset 3x12 Sentiment Strip.

Trim the cutaparts as necessary to fit the overall card design.

Decorate and embellish one, two, three, or all four sections of the "pinwheel" as desired.

The next time you're looking for an extra-special card design, I encourage you to give the 5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula a try. The formula and instructions are accompanied by a video tutorial, so you really can't go wrong.

Looking for even more inspiration? Visit the blog posts below to see additional card sets featuring different paper collections. Happy crafting!



5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula

5x7 Pinwheel Card Formula


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Typeset Page Kit

Typeset Page Kit


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