Make twenty Woodland Christmas cards with a fab formula!

Make twenty Woodland Christmas cards with a fab formula!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create twenty Woodland Christmas cards with the Terrific Twenty Card Formula and 12-14 sheets of paper from your stash. Now that's a lot of cards!

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For my cards, I gathered papers from the Legacy and Fun and Games collections. I also had fun trying out my brand-new alcohol markers (Ohuhu) with the gorgeous Woodland Christmas stamp set.

The artwork is perfect for trying to improve my blending techniques.

Woodland Christmas Stamps

Twenty Woodland Christmas Cards - Assembly Tips

When I am tasked with creating cards with our card making formulas and unique combinations of papers and stamps, I find it helpful to grab a pencil and printed instructions to map out which papers will work best in the design.

To make this set of cards use the following paper substitutions.

Paper A - Legacy White
Paper B - Fun and Games Taupe Metallic
Paper C - Legacy Red Metallic
Paper D - Legacy Teal
Paper E - Legacy Pink Metallic
Paper F - Legacy Lt. Blue
Bonus Paper (optional) - Fun and Games Black

Cut the papers according to the detailed instructions and sort into an Accordion Pocket file (or deal out the pieces into piles by "card set" A, B, or C). Dry fit clear stamp artwork and sentiments onto each panel to determine which stamps will fit best with each design.

(At this point, I was still in the design phase so not all the images shown were used in my finished cards.)

Set A - Z-Fold Cards

Stamp the owl in India Ink and the pine trees and branch in Spruce Hybrid Ink. (Use a stamp positioning tool to achieve consistent placement.) Stamp the sentiments using coordinating ink (Sandstone, Ocean, and Mahogany) to match the color of each z-fold mechanism.

To color the owl, begin with brown shades on the sections of the image that appear as shading. Blend gray over the brown and finish with the scarf in red.

Add texture to the black panels using a cable knit embossing folder. Finish each card by tucking the wide light blue ribbon behind the z-fold mechanism.

Set B - Small Panel Cards

Stamp the rabbit in Ash Ink. Stamp sentiment in Hybrid Ink colors that coordinate with the smallest mat. (Using a stamp positioning tool ensures consistent placement.) Use the colorless blending marker to add lighter shades of red to the rabbit ears and poinsettia flowers. Add highlights to the flowers and rabbit using a white gel pen.

Adhere a bow made with ribbons from the Legacy Page kit to complete the cards. Emboss some of the larger card panels using the cable knit folder.

Set C - Large Panel Cards

Stamp the deer in Sandstone. (I found using an assembly line technique to color the images worked best.) Begin coloring the largest areas first.

Start with the sweater, then color the rest of the image in the following order: the deer's body, poinsettias, and greenery.

Add details and highlights using a black fine-tipped journaling marker and a white gel pen.

Wrap a piece of teal fringed ribbon around each large panel to complete the cards.

Visit this post for even more ideas for using the Woodland Christmas Stamps!

Woodland Christmas Stamped Cards

I hope you will give this fabulous formula a try! If you do, be sure to share your finished cards on our Club Scrap Chat Group on Facebook.

Happy stamping!

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