Transformations Lite Scrapbook Page

Transformations Lite Scrapbook Page

Kay Williamson

The Transformations Lite Cutaparts along with my three photos made this layout go together easily and quickly.

IMG_1924 copy

Let's take a closer look at tips and assembly.

TIP #1: Trim Photos

Trim 1/8" from the long edge of three 4x6 photos.

IMG_1917 copy

Place the photos onto a 6.25x12" Dk. Turquoise print.

IMG_1918 copy

TIP #2: Ribbon Extender

Extend the use of the Faux Leaf Ribbon by trimming a 12" piece into narrow strips. Attach the narrow strips onto the layout with approximately 1/4" peeking beyond the edges of the Dk. Turquoise strip.

IMG_1923 copy

TIP #3: Die Cut Faux Leaves

Die cut the Leaf Ribbon with your favorite shape and die cutting system. (We were lucky enough to have this gingko leaf on hand!)

IMG_1913 copy

Adhere the die cuts to the layout with CS Bookbinding Glue or Glue Pen.

IMG_1914 copy

TIP #5: Balance

Balance and embellish the page with Eggshell and Lt. Green Printed Cutaparts.

IMG_1928 copy

IMG_1926 copy

If you are not a Lite member and would like to transform your scrapbooking into something faster and easier with beautiful results, get more information and join HERE.

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