Torn Paper Flowers Tutorial

Torn Paper Flowers Tutorial

Kay Williamson

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I've always loved making flowers from torn paper. No need to invest in expensive die cutting equipment. Simply tear, roll, ink and adhere to a beautiful Club Scrap layout!

IMG_6347 copy

Before I share the "tear-able" details, go ahead and pin the image below so you remember to give the technique a try.



1. Tear a rough circle from a sheet of Dahlia Pink Plain. Repeat to make four circles in graduated sizes.

IMG_6338 copy

2. Roll the torn outside edges of the circles.

IMG_6340 copy

3. Ink the edges with White pigment ink and an ink applicator.

IMG_6343 copy

4. Adhere the torn layers together with CS® Bookbinding Glue.

IMG_6344 copy

5. Add an orange and yellow layer to the center of the flower.

IMG_6345 copy

IMG_6346 copy

Repeat the process to make additional flowers and adhere to a page created with the Dahlia collection. (Before you leave, make some leaves.) Bah-dum-bump.


No paper cuts were incurred during the production of these "tear-able" paper dahlias.



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