Sunflowers Remix with a dash of Oopsie Daisy!

Sunflowers Remix with a dash of Oopsie Daisy!

Tricia Morris

When we set out to deliver this oft-requested Sunflowers Remix collection, Jacqueline had the fun idea to incorporate elements from the popular Oopsie Daisy kit. We hope you'll agree . . . it's a lovely combination!

Remember, this is a special edition collection. Even if you're a member, this kit will not ship automatically.

Let's take a look at the layouts while I share a few assembly tips.

Sunflowers Remix Pages

Jacqueline designed a super-cute shape for the cutaparts. Cut angled notches into the cutaparts with a ruler and craft knife and wrap the narrow area several times with jute fiber. Adhere the yellow gems with Bookbinding Glue.

(Funny story. I had this entire layout scanned, stitched, added to the instructions and photographed before I realized my title read: "makes me happy. Sunshine on my shoulders." Ugggh!)

Fold a piece of brown checked ribbon in half, and staple to the 2x2" squares. Keep the staple close to the top edge of the square, but allow the fold of the ribbon to extend a bit onto the paper. This will allow a photograph to easily slide beneath the ribbon.

The brown checked ribbon was absolutely perfect for the kit! It's very pliable and will easily thread onto the top of the scalloped tag to make a sweet topper. We've got a beautiful home for that tag right on the cutaparts!

Club Scrap's Sunflowers Remix Pages #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Temporarily place the nested border strip on to the left side of the 12x12 Small Sunflowers Print. Use a pencil to mark where the edges of the strip meet the sunflower on the print. Set the border strip aside and cut along the top and bottom edges of the sunflower image, between the pencil marks. Finally, thread the border strip behind the sunflower.

Enhance the sunflower woodcut with Tangerine and Earth inks applied with an ink applicator.

Club Scrap's Sunflowers Remix Pages #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Carefully "dry fit" all of the pieces of page six before adhering the elements. Everything falls into place like puzzle pieces. Keep your grid ruler handy to help with spacing and alignment.

Tie a little jute bow onto the top of the sunflower charm and adhere to the silver-edged ribbon and border strip with glue.

Club Scrap's Sunflowers Remix Pages #clubscrap #scrapbooking #pagekit

Remove the loop from the sunflower charm with a pliers and glue to the top of the journaling prompt nested onto the tag. (Trim the journaling prompt from the cutapart sheet with scissors.)

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy! Add some bright days to your January with the Sunflowers Remix.


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