Stencil Embossing Pop Technique - Join the challenge!

Stencil Embossing Pop Technique - Join the challenge!

Julie Heyer Julie Heyer

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Create fun dimensional backgrounds with the stencil embossing pop technique. Lisa shared this idea with me and I couldn't wait to give it a try. We swapped out the embossing folders for a variety of Club Scrap stencils to make texture on our panels.

Stencil Embossing Pop Technique

Stamp the koi images onto a white panel with India Ink

Apply Red and Amethyst hybrid inks to the panel with ink applicator brushes. A heavier application of ink will result in a more dramatic effect.


Add additional details to the fish with brush tipped markers.


Lay a clear plate onto the embossing machine. Place the panel face down onto the stencil. 


Cover the panel with a silicone pad and top with an Impressions pad. Consult your embossing machine manual for model specific instructions. Run the panel through the machine to transfer the stencil design.

Remove the panel from the machine and place on a flat surface. Carefully sand away the ink from the raised areas of the panel.

Shoji Stencil Card - Julie

Cruise 2009 Stencil Card - Lisa

Lisa paired the ship's wheel stencil with Topaz and Amethyst inks. She completed the card with a Come Sail Away sentiment and clear acrylic drops.

Now it's your turn. Create artwork with the Stencil Embossing Pop Technique shared here, or create your own. Visit the Facebook Chat Group 03/21 Technique Challenge post to upload completed artwork in the comments section. Not a chat group member? Answer a few simple questions, and we will accept your request in no time! 

Lisa and Julie

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