Stamped Origami Fan - A fun folded embellishment!

Stamped Origami Fan - A fun folded embellishment!

Julie Heyer

Create a quick and easy stamped origami fan embellishment on any card, page, or project. I found this video tutorial on Pinterest and couldn't wait to give it a try with this month's Shoji stamps.

Stamped Origami Fan Shoji #clubscrap #origami #paperfan #card
Stamped Origami Fan

Cut a piece of printer paper into a 5.5" square. 


Add Shoji stamped images to the panel in a variety of hybrid ink colors including Red, Yellow, and Amethyst.


Follow the video tutorial for folding instructions.


Add Bookbinding Glue dispensed from a Needle-tipped Applicator onto the two center folds and adhere to form the fan shape. 

Insert a length of waxed cord through the space near the base of the fan. 

Tie a knot to secure the shape.

Continue to tie small overhand knots in the thread to form a decorative chain.

Glue the completed embellishment onto the front of a prepared card base.

Stamped Origami Fan Shoji #clubscrap #origami #paperfan #card

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Happy paper folding! 


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