Spellbound Page Kit - If you've got it, haunt it.

Spellbound Page Kit - If you've got it, haunt it.

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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The Spellbound Page Kit wasn't originally on our radar. But when a clever member pointed out the potential for the Fairytale graphics to be transformed into something a little more spooky, we took the idea and ran with it! (Thanks, Lisa D., for the suggestion!)

It's been a long time since we've released a "Halloween" collection, but no worries if this kit just isn't for you. Our special release kits never ship automatically. If you're a member and would like to have this kit inserted into your monthly shipment, order anytime and choose "ship with my next kit."

Spellbound Page Kit

Knowing that you may want to create something other than 12x12" scrapbook pages with this collection, you'll be happy to know that once again, Jac has designed the 12" border strips to be easily adapted to cards and other projects. Don't forget about all the fun things you can make with our alternative options! Here's a list of just a few: U-Hinge Book, Drop Spine Box and Mini U-Hinge Book, or Twin Tri-fold Album.

We couldn't resist including a full sheet of black jewel Dazzles stickers. They're flat, but the dots come in three sizes, and are super-flat for all sorts of easy embellishing. We also selected orange jute, black metallic-edged grosgrain/satin ribbon, purple double-faced satin, glassine bags, and really cool silver charms.

In addition, you'll find a 4x12" sheet of Black Folding Board perfect for transforming into tags. (This is a great way to check out our folding board if you haven't seen it in the past.)

Allow me to introduce you to the collection in this video . . .

Let's learn a little more about each double page spread.

Layouts 1 & 2

Spellbound Page Kit by Club Scrap #clubscrap #efficientscrapbooking

Tie a basic bow from the purple satin and adhere above each circle. (The circles can be created by simply trimming with scissors, or upgrade to a thin die from your stash, if you happen to have one.) Top each circle with an assortment of those fun jewel Dazzle stickers.

Layouts 3 & 4

Fussy-cut the frame from the cutapart sheet with your favorite detail scissors. (It shouldn't take long; simply follow the general shape of the frame.) Layer onto the page with foam adhesive. Allow the frame to slightly cover the nested carriage cutapart. Top the dragon charm with orange jute and adhere to the page with bookbinding glue. It works best to adhere the charms last, and set the page aside to dry completely.

Layouts 5 & 6

Spellbound Page Kit by Club Scrap #clubscrap #efficientscrapbooking

After adhering the castle/frame cutapart onto the nested border strip, add a row of jewel Dazzles to the strip. The tip of a craft knife makes application much easier and more accurate.

Layouts 7 & 8

Stretch a piece of black silver-edged ribbon across the cutapart and tape the end on the back. Next, tie a small length of the ribbon onto the stretched length. Add a jewel to each corner.

Pick up the Spellbound Page Kit while supplies last. It's going to be perfect for trips to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios, too! We can't wait to see the pages and projects you create with this collection. Don't forget to share the results with us on our Facebook Chat Group.

Enjoy this spooktacular time of year!


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