Sea Breeze Remix - The star(fish) of the show!

Sea Breeze Remix - The star(fish) of the show!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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The Sea Breeze Remix Page Kit now shipping, and we are thrilled to have this lovely collection available again! The kit made its original debut as a monthly collection back in July of 2018. We released our first remix in 2020, and it disappeared in a matter of weeks. Our latest version features a brighter color palette and another batch of exceptional embellishments and ribbons. The assembly instructions are fresh and new, as well!

Members, this is a special release collection and will not ship automatically. If you'd like, you can choose "ship with my next kit" at checkout, and we'll be sure to include it in your next box.

Sea Breeze Page Kit

Sea Breeze Page Kit by Club Scrap #clubscrap

A video is worth a million words, so sit back, relax, and enjoy this quick preview of the collection.

And here's a closer look at each double page spread.

Layouts 1 & 2

We designed a custom laser cut to create this eye-catching page title. We wanted an attractive, legible script with thicker, stronger connections to make it more sturdy. For great results, simply adhere the word with our bookbinding glue.

Layouts 3 & 4

I've got a few fun details to call out here. With a plentiful supply of wide double-faced satin, make a double looped bow prior to adhering the nested cutapart. Use a craft knife and cutting mat to cut a slot along the edge of the bottle on the print, and tuck the corner of the mat behind the bottle.

Layouts 5 & 6

Now that we're on a roll with the double-looped bow, repeat the technique below the page title on the top of the left page, and on the nested journaling prompt on the right. Thread waxed linen thread onto the silver sea horse charm, tie onto the ribbon, and make a tiny bow.

Layouts 7 & 8

As long as we've got the waxed linen thread handy, pierce a hole above and below the neck of the bottle and add the thread. Slide the sand dollar charm onto the thread and tie a small bow.

There it is . . . another beautiful Sea Breeze Remix Page Kit to help you remember your adventures. Got any fun trips coming up on your calendar?

See you on the beach!


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