Roost Spoiler - No fowl play here!

Roost Spoiler - No fowl play here!

Tricia Morris Tricia Morris

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It's Roost spoiler day, and we're letting all the chickens outta the coop!

In case you missed the live unboxing event, you can view the entire video on Facebook right here:

Or, if you prefer, you can watch on our YouTube channel.

Roost Page Kit

Roost Spoiler - Page Kit from Club Scrap #clubscrap

The colors, goodies, prints, sentiments and ribbons combine to create the perfect backdrop for pretty much any photo in your stash. We focused some of the text art on food and family. (Do you find that you're always taking photos of food, or is that just me?) Or maybe the colors match your kid's high school or college team. Or perhaps you spent a few hot summer days at the local pool. With Club Scrap, you bring the photos, and we'll help make them look fabulous.

Ready to join? Signing up for a risk-free membership today means you'll receive the very best price of only $24.95. That's cheaper than three combo meals at McDonald's. Give us a try!

Roost Card Kit

Roost Spoiler - Card Kit  by Club Scrap #clubscrap

What's your favorite part about making cards? Deciding on what type of card to make? Digging for the paper to start your creation? Hunting down coordinating embellishments to execute your idea? Our card kits eliminate every possible creative dilemma and make the journey fun, efficient and rewarding!

This month you'll master the clever "never ending card". Trim and sort every panel needed during preparation, and I'll guide you through the shockingly simple assembly. Check out the four phases of fun on this card.

Ready to add the card kit to your membership? Customize your shipment any way you like within your member profile.

Roost Stamps

Get your hands on these sweet stamps, and piggy-back on Julie's card inspirations coming soon to the blog! Including the stamps as an add-on to your membership will get you the best possible pricing on the 6x8" sheet. Subscribe and save.

Stamps by Club Scrap

Speaking of stamping, if you're looking for inks to match the papers in this collection, I'd go with our Sapphire, Sandstone, Earth, Mahogany and Ash.

Shopping opens today for the individual components of the Roost collection.

Important note: The complete Page Kit and Card Kit will be made available in our shopping cart on Thursday, September 1.

Members, simply adjust your subscription if you'd like to add kits or other add-ons to your next shipment. Not a member? If you join today, your first kit (Roost) will ship starting Monday. We'd love to welcome you to our creative family.

Have a wonderful month!


P.S. If you have questions about how to update your shipment, please don't hesitate to reach out for help. Call 888-634-9100 or email

*Not a member? Use the following direct links to JOIN us! Your first shipment will be September's Roost collection.

*If you're already a member but want to add a page kit or card kit to your subscription, please adjust your existing membership. (Using the "add to cart" links below will create a second shipment going to the same address.)

Click the shopping links below for one-time purchases, and shop all available items in the store.

Podium Book Class Along Kit

Podium Book Class Along Kit


Learn how to make a beautiful handmade book featuring Club Scrap's Roost Page Kit.  This 1+ hour workshop is designed to help you create a hand-crafted scrapbook from any Club Scrap page kit plus a few additional materials*. The 8x8"… Read More

Podium Book Components Kit

Podium Book Components Kit


Create a hand-crafted scrapbook from any Club Scrap page kit plus a few additional materials**. The 8x8" book features 6x6" inside pages, and can be displayed beautifully on the build-in podium stand. We've also made it possible to simply close… Read More

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