Renewal Layouts - Make 'em your own!

Renewal Layouts - Make 'em your own!

Karen Wyngaard Karen Wyngaard

Since I've scrapped all eight pages from every monthly kit in 2020, I had to move on to special releases. I finally had a chance to complete my Renewal layouts, and I couldn't be happier.

You'll love the tranquil color palette and the Zen feel of this collection. I think finishing the pages actually lowered my blood pressure!

Renewal Layouts 1 & 2

I hope you're not sick of nature photos yet. My Dad's walkabouts in the local park produce a plethora of gorgeous photos that simply MUST be scrapped.

To accommodate an additional picture, replace the cutapart with a cropped photo. Trim the cutapart sentiment (removing journaling lines) and add to the upper right corner.

Layouts 3 & 8

Yep, you read that right. To better accommodate the photos I had to work with, I rearranged the pages a bit. Pairing Layouts 3 and 8 gave me the number of vertical mats I needed for this visit to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens.

Maintain color balance on the spread by double matting a photo on the left with brown (Coffeehouse Pack of Panels).

I got a bit creative with cropping to fill the mini mats across the bottom of the left page.

Remember, if the cutapart sentiments don't fit your subject as well as you'd like, use the space to mat additional photos. It's your own darn page!

Layouts 5 & 6

Cover the cutapart on the left page with a horizontal photo.

On the right, trim a mat for an extra photo (Coffeehouse Pack of Panels), and tuck it into the open space below the tag.

Layout 7 & 4

I've had Dad's moon photos for a while now, just waiting to be scrapped on the perfect collection. Dad has a tendency to take the bulk of his photos horizontally. As you can see, the page "swap" I did earlier worked to my advantage!

Use the cutapart artwork on the right page to frame a vertical photo. Tuck the journaling cutapart beneath the mat above to save space, while maintaining a spot for handwriting.

Have you scrapped your Renewal layouts yet? If so, we'd love to see your pages! Share your finished work on the Club Scrap Chat group. It will be sure to inspire others!

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